05 April 2011

Workspace Reveal - Shelf Two

Happy Tuesday. We're already well into the week. Hope it's going well for you. I'm so happy for a sunny April. This week I'm sharing the after shots of workspace makeover I started right after Christmas. It was derailed for a good month while I was sick and I am so happy to finally see it all pulled together now. Whew! Let's talk middle shelf and all the goodies.

I have had these Martha Stewart ribbon caddies for years, but unfortunately have never had a place where I could have them out and easily use them until now. One is dedicated to ribbon and the other for twine. Glad to be able to have easy access and looking forward to adding some new ribbons to the collection. Next to them is a pretty compilation of gold, brown and black books. The top one is a sketchbook, next three are great inspiration and the bottom two black books are my personal style guides. I wrote about them a few weeks ago. You can read about them here and here.

In the basket (left) I keep folded up all my canvas shopping bags. Then more books, topped with a red cookie tin that houses watercolor paint. In the basket on the right I store microwave heating pads. These get used a lot for warming up on cold nights and for sore muscles, aches and pains. Sometimes I heat them up and throw them into my bed while I wrap up the day - makes climber into bed a treat.

On the end is obligatory equipment, the DVD player and DirecTV receiver. The receiver isn't actually hooked up to the new TV since I have to order a new HD one. This was a big additional cost I did not factor in that really bugs me and I'm still debating if I'm going to go through with it.

I spruced up that area with the Restaurant Animals. They have a special place in my heart. You can read all about them here. They don't get out much anymore now that The Little Bug is actually interested in eating dinner and not totally out of control in a restaurant. I think we also can thank restaurant crayons and kid's menu activity sheets for that.

That's Shelf Two. Later this morning I download all the details about Shelf Three. Have a great start to your day. Cheers!



Nice work. I love all the baskets.


ps. Did you just change your profile picture - it is cute.

Kelly said...

Yay for baskets! It must feel SO good to have everything neatly stowed away like this. :-)

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