19 April 2011

A Package from Donna Heart Australia

It was such a joy to receive my I Heart Collection package in the mail from Donna of DonnaHeart.com last Friday. When I shook the package I could hear shards of glass rattling around. I hoped this was not a sign of damaged postal goods. I was beyond pleased to find a bag of gorgeous shells and sea glass had opened up inside the package which explained the moving shards sounds.

After a beautiful time in Newport, R.I. last summer I have the most lovely collection of sea glass and shells and was thrilled to get these new additions from the Indian Ocean just yards from Donna's home. They were collected by her daughter which is also terribly charming. So gorgeous.

Loved receiving several prints of her original artwork, including this beautiful notecard. You can see more of Donna's art at donnaheart.com. This was the next thing I found in my package.

Lastly I have to share with you the beautiful paper the bowl was wrapped in. Such a beautiful pattern.

I put the sea glass and shells into the bowl and added it to my new shrine area. It's something I've created from assignments in Simple Abundance and the Mondo Beyondo class. It's basically a small spot in your home where you can go to meditate and recenter yourself. They are reminders of thoughtfulness in the world, the sea and a reminder to slow down and breathe -- many things I love all rolled into one.

So that was the fun and delightful package from Australia. There is something so grand about doing an exchange like this with someone else. It just directs your mind completely towards doing something special for someone else that will really please them. I know a lot of thought and effort was put in by each of the participants to create something lovely for their trade partner. It's such a nice thing to do in a world that can be so very unkind so much of the time. Maybe if we all think of others and act in their regard in this generous way every day we can bring an increase of kindness and thoughtfulness to the world. That would be joyful! 

You can see a bit of what I sent to Donna here. Thank you, Donna for the wonderful package from so far away! And thank you Danni, of Oh Hello Friend for putting this exchange together.

Speaking of joy, I'm guest posting at re:Find Joy today. Pop over for a bit of inspiration on finding joy in every day life. It's an inspiring site and helps me remember that lesson every day --  that joy surrounds us if we will just look for it. Have a fantastic Tuesday.

images by kalanicut

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