05 December 2017

Pretty Gifts For Family And Friends

I decided to make up some toiletries/catchall bags again this holiday season. I happened upon some very pretty vinyl fabrics while out buying notions for Kiddo's school Egypt project that she completed a few weeks ago. Couldn't pass them up, so I have catchall bags for sale this holiday season.

They are so perfect for makeup bags, corralling electronics cords, organizing all the little lotions, lip balms, etc. in one's purse and storing childrens tiny toy pieces. There are so many uses and they make the best gifts for coworkers, family and friends.

Here are the three colors I went with and the bags come in three different sizes: Coin Purse, ($6) Medium  ($12) and Large ($14). Here is a shot that better illustrates the three sizes.

I have a good supply in stock but they are going quickly now that folks are getting more serious about getting their holiday shopping done. This season is going to fly right by, isn't it?! I can't believe it's already December 6. If you're interested in giving some kc accessories catchall toiletries bags for this holiday season, email me at kalanicut @ hotmail dot com or message me on instagram at kalanicutblog.

04 December 2017

Pinecone Garland Class

Gosh it's been a couple of weeks since I posted, but boy have a lot of things been going on. I've been working my small businesses with a lot of focus and little by little it has been paying off. I'll share more about that momentarily. Also we've had a plumbing emergency that required our septic tank to be emptied the afternoon before Thanksgiving and then we still had a main line sewer problem that couldn't be addressed until the morning after Thanksgiving. That made for a very eventful holiday weekend but thanks goodness the plumbers we talked to over the phone gave us some tips so that we could make it through Thanksgiving without too much misery!

We've also had some health issues coming into play the past month which had been time consuming to deal with but thankfully not too worrisome -- and I'm glad we got them taken care of and we're moving forward.

On Saturday I taught what I hope is my first class at Spur Line Supply Co. in Albuquerque's up-an-coming Sawmill District. It was such a fun day and I loved meeting everyone who registered for the class. This community table setting was such a perfect place to hold a class. It's right in the store retail space so you have all the fabulous energy of the shop around you, yet it's quiet enough to be able to interact as a class without a problem.

After a warm welcome (seriously how much do I love these people for registering to come attend the class and support things I love to do!), and some brief instructions everyone started creating. The great thing about these garlands is that they doesn't require a lot of concentration once you have the hang of it, so you really can chat and enjoy yourself without worry that you'll somehow wreck your garland. It was fun to see what ribbon everyone chose, and how they decided to put their garland together. Every one was a little different and unique to the artist who created it.

It was also a great class for me to teach because it didn't require a lot of constant helping or a long process of instructions that needed to be followed. So I could also enjoy getting to know everyone, helping in little ways and not feeling too stretched with everyone needing constant assistance.

I love trying to incorporate other small businesses into any activity I do where it is doable because I really do believe that "a rising tide lifts all ships." If I can improve my events by bringing in other cool businesses and products and we can help promote each other for the event, that gets me excited. That's one of the reasons I was so interested in working with Spur Line Supply Co. and bringing in Bristol Doughnut Co., the doughnut/coffee shop within Spur Line  --- who can resist an amazing doughnut and warm beverage. So I included that in the price of the ticket and it was great to work with Sara and team at Bristol -- and of course I brought a few doughnuts home for the family too.

I also got a great referral for a shop that would be a great spot for my Live Love ABQ designs from a lovely woman who joined the class as a walk-in. Never know what great serendipitous things can happen when you get together with people you don't know. This is why I love networking. There are kind. helpful people everywhere.

Spur Line is such a gorgeous environment and it was fun to see all the holiday shoppers coming into the shop on Saturday morning. I was really happy that the attendees who came to the class were all first timers at the shop and they were able to do some Christmas shopping too. I have to go back soon and do some gift hunting, because that place really does have something for everyone. I'm hoping I can come up with some other fun class ideas for Spur Line's community and community table.
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