27 April 2011

Feeling Like A Quiet Bird

I'm feeling a bit like a quiet little bird this week. Please tell me you feel that way sometimes too. (gentle smile). Trying to stay on top of dishes, correspondence, tending the little garden, mailings, marketing, pieces of paper that accumulate like flies to honey. Constantly asking myself what to do next. What more can I be doing? Am I taking care of myself? Am I reading and doing enough things that feed me? Am I doing enough for others? What can I do to help my business pursuits grow? So many questions and things to consider.

I rededicated myself to some hard core workouts this week and I can tell you I am tired. Well, my body is tired. But I've been sleeping like a baby at night, no problems falling asleep when my head hits the pillow. It's only midmorning and I am tired with a second workout still to go today. But my physical health is important to me and now that I am mostly back in sound physical health, minus some residual problems still with my ear & hearing it's time to tackle that area of my life. It's a critical part of being the well-rounded woman I am meant to be and want to be.

At night this week I have been trying to take some time to do something I enjoy - thumbing through favorite home design books, watching a movie with The Man or doing a little art project. That surely makes the evening more enjoyable and it helps me be ready to go to bed without feeling I've had no time for myself.

I am also on the prowl for my next online class. I love having that regular inspiration and have loved the opportunity to make new friends in each class I've taken. Looking forward to the next opportunity. And each day I am enjoying Simple Abundance, the genius of which I continue to be amazed by. For instance, who knew baths were such a historically vital part of rejuvenating and caring for the soul. I knew baths were nice and relaxing but I never thought about it in the terms that Sarah ban Breathnach taught. So many good teachings in that book.

I think maybe what I'm feeling is that sensation you have riding a bike when you look up and see a big hill coming and know you must put your head down and peddle for a while with total concentration. So while I figure out this phase I am in, I continue to just peddle ahead, with steady cadence, hopefully wisely, progressing forward. I hope you are enjoying dreaming, moving and unfolding too. It's quite an amazing experience to be mindful of all you do and what it means, where it's taking you and find all there is to taste and enjoy in the journey. Wishing you, dear friends, a joyous day. Thank you for coming by for a visit.

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