05 April 2011

The Workspace Reveal -- Shelf Three

I'm celebrating the completion of the Workspace Project here on the blog this week. Such fun to see it in at least the first version of done. I don't guarantee nothing will be tweaked, but other than a few electrical cord issues I need to deal with, I'm quite happy with things as they are.

This morning I'm unloading all the details on Shelf Three. It's utilitarian, it's colorful and I'm quite fond of it within arm's reach at my desk. Let's start on the left side. Very utilitarian!

One of my chief strategies in designing this workspace was reducing the amount of furniture in the room and finding places for things I needed, but that visually annoyed me. One of those things was the wonderful, but space-hogging Oreck Air Purifier. This has been taking up half the top of my dresser for two years now and I can't stand it. But I love this thing. It's amazing how quickly it can have your room smelling so fresh and airy.

This is especially helpful when neighbors start smoking right outside my bedroom window, which happens a lot. Once the window is closed it gets the smell of smoke out very quickly. On the higher settings, it also provides a good white noise for nights when the rain gutter outside my bedroom drips and drips loudly or when other noise disrupts sleep. In the middle corner it's barely noticeable and can do it's job amiably without taking up more valuable real estate. Oh, can you feel my happiness?

This area might be my favorite of the entire workspace. It holds some of my favorite books and journals. Best of all is the big basket. It makes my day every day because it's the spot I created to hold my camera bag and DLS camera. At my fingertips, totally out of view. I usually leave my camera out of the bag and then can just grab it for quick blog photo shoots as I need to. No unzipping the bag every time. It is so convenient it makes my heart sing every time.

To the right is my happy plant. I love the wood box planter (from IKEA). The wood has such lovely detail and feels so earthy and natural to me. I have several of these box planters around my room and bath now. Can't get enough of them for my liking.

On the end of the shelf is the TV. We will probably screw it into the shelf. It's set up to do that. I have only watched a couple of movies on this TV so far, but one of the reviews from previous buyers is already haunting me. There is a HUGE light on the front to indicate whether the TV is on or off. Red off, blue on.

The red light is, as mentioned by the reviewer, big & annoying at night. So I came up with a little way to hide it that still allows the remote to operate on the TV. Otherwise I've heard nothing but fantastic things about this TV and I'm quite happy with it. Getting the new TV cut the need for one big bookcase needed for the old TV/VCR (20" deep!) to sit on. Whew!

That's a lucky penny a friend gave me that I framed to always remember the day and always be grateful for good luck, aka blessings. The rock also has special significance. It was plucked from the beach by a friend and sent to me in the sweetest little box, nested in raffia with a charming note. That package had the most amazing, warm spirit about it. It arrived to me the day before I wound up in the hospital. After having been home sick, alone for a full week, which my friend has no idea about at the time, it was nice to feel like someone cared.

I don't get overly sentimental about too many things but this little treasure is so bound up in so much meaning, history and feeling. It moves around on my shelves a lot. Earlier today it was next to the plant, now it's next to the rock, blocking the TV red light. My father gave this to me for Christmas this past year. It was just a little toss in item, but is highly sentimental for both of us.

My grandfather and my dad drove a tractor quite like this all during my childhood. When I was tiny I fit in next to the seat, where I could sit on the built in tool box. I drove it while they loaded hay, starting at about age five. M-E-M-O-R-I-E-S!

So that's your intro to Shelf Three. Next up tomorrow morning -- The Desk Top! I'll be back with a new post or two later today. Have a fantastic morning. It's all out there waiting for you - your joy, happiness, success and lots of love.

images by kalanicut

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