30 January 2011

Quick Hello

Hello lovely readers. I hope this finds you well. Just wanted to give you a short update about where I have been and will be for a while longer. The last time I was here I had been quite sick for a week. Last weekend I was in the emergency room and then was admitted into the hospital late that night for a few days. I was diagnosed with a serious bone infection which developed from an ear infection and the flu.

My mom, the greatest RN around, came to town to put me back together which I am unendingly grateful for. I am lucky she was with me in the hospital after the second day. She noticed that I was getting sick every few hours which seemed to correspond to one of my medications and they were able to change it and I had no further complications. She has also kept me well fed and rested, taking little walks each day.

 It will be a bit longer before I am back to my old self, but I wanted to stop by. I will take another week at least before I begin blogging again. I am feeling much better than I was last weekend and am a little better each day. My head and ear are still very painful, but my energy is up and I am able to do a few things each day. I will see you back here soon. Thank you so much for your kind wishes.

21 January 2011

Shelf Cities by The Oak Leaves

There is something about these charming little Shelf Cities created and sold on Etsy by The Oak Leaves that I am completely taken by.

 I love the simplicity. They remind me of the beautiful little villages on the western coast of Denmark.

These are just the sort of thing I would love to have and set up in a corner of a mantle, bookcase, dresser or nightstand. They would be so fantastic with candles nearby illuminating shadows of these little houses up on the wall. Wouldn't they be such a sweet gift to pop in the mail to a friend across the country? You can see The Oak Cities Etsy store right here. You can also learn more about Christina, the artist on her blog The Oak Leaves.

Hope you've had a good week and have a relaxing weekend to come. Thank you for your kind "get well' wishes. I hope by Monday I will be a new woman.

20 January 2011

It's In The Bag - Blog Crawl

Going down with this gnarly flu last weekend has left me a little lost and slowly crawling back to my life. A few minutes ago I looked at the calendar and having no idea what day it was, realized it's my day to blog crawl for It's In The Bag. I have been looking forward to this for over a month, so it's obvious how out of it I have been.

Yesterday Hanamik posted fun shots of her handbag. You can see them here. While you are at it, you should check out her blog and Etsy Store. I adore her lens cap pockets and definitely need to get one. It would really help me keep track of my lens cap. I seem to set it down all around the house and then have to go hunting for it. This would save me some time.

The orange purse above is my favorite. It's Michael Kors from two or three years ago. I fell in love with it immediately - the orange, the stripes, the rich leather. The price was right too, so even though I knew it would easily get dirty and would be impossible to clean, I went for it.

So here is the contents of my purse:
1. Toiletries Bag - I designed these for a while. I have a small stash saved away. They are usually in floral colors. See below for contents details.
2. Two little card holders. I use these for all those store cards I need every once in a while. I hate having all that in my wallet.
3. My Fossil Wallet. Love this wallet. You can see more of it here.
4. Cell Phone - nothing special.
5. Kleenex  - these come in handy in lots of ways.
6. Orbit Citrus Mint Gum
7. Click top roller ball pens
8. Sunglass zip case. Got this from the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles. Love their shop!
9. Daytimer 2-page/day planner - yes, I like to plan on paper. So I went back to this again.

Here are the bits & pieces inside my toiletries bag:
1. Samilisan Eye Drops
2. Ibuprofen & Acetaminophen
3. Generic Antibiotic Cream
4. Hair accessories for hair emergencies
5. Mary Kay Lipstick - Whipped Berries
6. Lancome Color Fever Gloss - Heatstroke
7. L'Oreal Night Cream
8. Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm - tinted
9. Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream - can't live without it
10. Case for "treats" as we used to call them in college
11. Oral B Dental Floss
 * I always carry a bottle of saline nasal spray with me too. For some reason it was not in my purse the day I took this photo.

Now I pass the blog crawl baton over to A Simple Kind of Life. Tomorrow they will post the next It's In The Bag posting. You can check out A Simple Kind of Life right here.

Native Vermont Studios Art

Unfortunately I'm still quite sick, so I'm posting on a lighter schedule than usual, but trying to give you a little something each day. If you live anywhere near mountains or have a home with a outdoor/nature design style, you probably have a perfect spot in your home for the work of Native Vermont Studio by Ryan Fowler. Ryan's Etsy Store is full of wonderful pieces. Here's a little collage of four of my favorite pieces.

These would be so lovely in a child's room, a family room or even a bathroom or hallway. So filled with charm, warm colors and sweet outdoor scenes. I can just imagine the polar bear piece in a child's room against the glow of a sweet nightlight. Lovely.

Check out Native Vermont Studio for art that will be right at home in your home. Have a great Thursday.

19 January 2011

Louise van Terheijden Art

I saw this piece on Etsy last night and was so taken with it. Louse van Terheijden is a artist from Amsterdam. you can learn more about her at her website. Here is another of her works that I really liked.

You can visit her Etsy store here.

17 January 2011

Tissues Are In Order

I was planning to have a big day yesterday pulling the new work space together. Instead I have spent the past 36 hours in bed. Not looking particularly fabulous at this moment. Drinking lots of fluids and feeling a little sorry for myself as demanded in a situation like this. But these tissue boxes cheered me in my sick bed today. How cute are these.

You can find them here on Etsy, made by Gnome Sweet Gnome. Take a visit to their shop and see all the fun creativity going on there. Thanks to How About Orange for sharing the darling blue one on Twitter today. I love the How About Orange blog and find she has some of the very best creative ideas on the web. You'll  enjoy a visit to her blog.

Have a great Tuesday. Wishing you the very best. Will look forward to being back on my feet soon and sharing with you some great new Before & Afters. Thanks so much for coming by.

Twinkle, Twinkle Paper Star

My bedroom has plenty of light during the day but at night it can be very dark. Since I'm working a little workspace into the bedroom, I definitely need a little more lighting there. I was thinking of possibly creating a little paper lantern collection in front of the window or in the corner next to it. Here are some lovely ones a variety of groovy colors and patterns. You can find them here and here. Ah, so pretty altogether.

photos 1 & 5 from Paper Lantern Store
all other photos from Hometown Evolution

My New Desk

Here is a photo of my new desk. I went to IKEA because I needed something slim that would fit into a very small space. If there's anyone who can fit a whole life into a tiny space it's the people at IKEA. I'm always blown away by the home vignettes they have in their stores where they fit a kitchen, living space and bedroom into 500 square feet.

I wanted something that was tall enough to fit my tall legs under it, wide enough that I could have my laptop and another project on it at the same time - and it all had to fit in a very slim corner of space. I also wanted some drawers under it and for it to have a modern, clean lined feel. This is what I found after considerable research. I can't wait to move it into space today and begin to put all this work space dreaming into reality. More photos to come.

desk photo from IKEA.com

Happy Work Space

I've been doing a lot of research on workspace while I am working on my own little work space paradise. I have one long, skinny wall to work with. This week I visited The Container Store website many times and popped into the store to have an inspiring browse.

I met up with one of their Elfa consultants and we designed a shelving system for over my desk that will allow me to take more advantage of vertical space and free up floor space around the house. Plus it will allow me to have all my craft and design tools all in one space. That is really exciting.

Here are a few inspiring spaces you can find at The Container Store web site. They incorporate a lot of my favorite color combinations in the best space saving ways. You can find design inspiration for any area of your home in galleries on the site.

The Elfa storage systems were on sale while I was visiting so if you're in need of help, this might be the time to stop by for a free design consultation. Thanks The Container Store for all the great inspiration. I can't wait to have my space all pulled together. I'll be sure to share the details when it's done.

all photos from The Container Store

15 January 2011

Inspiration from Stephanie Nielson of The NieNie Dialogues

photo from NieNieDialogues

I'm sure many of you have heard this, but I listened to it this weekend and had to share it. If you have been inspired by the NieNieDialogues and Stephanie Nielson's story you'll enjoy listening to this audiocast with Stephanie and her husband Christian. I've seen them on Oprah, read her blog and followed her story since a day or two after their accident and this interview was full of new things I had not heard before. It was nice to hear them just be able to talk without a lot of editing and sound bites.

The thing that struck me so beautifully in this radio interview is that Stephanie said that now in her life she had everything she wanted - and that was to be with her family, to be alive, to enjoy life. That's everything she really truly wanted even with all she's lost. Her perspective is not only beautiful but inspiring for us all. Do we realize we have everything we need and everything we want to be happy right now? Are we enjoying every day enough?

Life is good in all it's moments. I hope I am appreciating and loving it enough. Maybe that's never quite possible, to realize all we have, but I hope I grow and increase in wisdom to continue to appreciate it more and more.

14 January 2011

A Thought for You This Friday

It's impossible to be luminous when one never recharges their batteries.

There is great beauty in living a simple, deliberate life.

When we are too busy for self care, gratitude, family, friends

and balance in our lives we have given away all that is

delicious in life and all hope of happiness.


photo by kalani cropper

Swimsuit Buying Season is Here

For the best choice in swimwear for this summer, now is the best time to order for best selection. Here are a few that caught my eye this week. Don't you just feel invigorated looking at these sunny, warm scenes and brightly colored suits. Lovely.

It will be summer before you know it. Thanks for visiting this week hope you've found something to inspire you. Have a great holiday weekend.

Stylizimo's Nina Holst's Gorgeous DIY Projects

photo by Nina Holst

I had to share with you these amazing DIY projects from BYW friend Nina Holst of Stylizimo. Nina just moved from Los Angeles back to Norway a few weeks ago and she's hard at work fixing up the new home.

Last week she whipped up this dining table and an amazing coffee table that you must see. Nina is amazingly creative and her images are so beautiful. Take a browse around her blog and website Stylizimo which is full of wonderful inspiration galleries for home and entertaining. You'll be inspired without a doubt. Tell her I sent you. I can't wait to see what she'll whip up this weekend! Happy Friday.

13 January 2011

Boden Spring 2011 - A Bouquet of Color

Here's are a few inspirations I'm building on for Spring Wardrobe 2011. As I said earlier this morning it's all about buying things I really love this year, a good supply of basics and cheery prints to mix and match. These images are all from Boden Spring 2011.

Happy Thursday! Hope you have some time to dream of Spring today.

Be The Dream - Look the Part

I think I've mentioned that I'm taking the Mondo Beyondo class by Andrea Scher and Jen Lemen. We're two days in and I am already inspired and enjoying making new associations with classmates. It's going to be a fun five weeks. The basic premise of the class is to allow your dreams to come true by opening yourself up to them. That means removing imaginary barriers and having the courage to live the life you were meant to live.

As part of that thinking, I decided that one thing I would like to work on is looking like the woman I see in my dreams. I've also been thinking a lot about wardrobe and the philosophy of buying only things you love, rather than things on sale or cheaply disposable. I just said goodbye to a beautiful tunic I purchased in 2006. It finally disintegrated. But I knew the moment I saw it in a magazine that I had to have it. Then I saw it in another magazine and knew it would be a hit.

It ended up being one of the most commented on items of clothing I've ever worn and carried me through dates, work, travel and social events over the years. It was a go to piece. I'm committing to having a wardrobe where I love every piece or I don't buy it - a wardrobe that mixes and matches well and that I feel like "dream me" in. It's a fun place to start my dreaming.

Later this morning I'll post a few hints about where I'm headed fashion-wise this Spring. I'm going for Dream Girl 2011. So how about you, what are you dreaming about for your life? What is inspiring you this year?  What inspires your wardrobe choices?

photo by The Man

12 January 2011

Embroidered Wood & Leather Clogs

I'm in the mood to think about a good leather clog with a chunky wood sole and beautiful embroidery. Thank you Sundance Catalog to making that part of my dream come true. The bad part of my dream is the part where they don't make these in my size. Bummer.

But how cute would these be with a great pair of loose fitting jeans, a pretty white embroidered cotton tunic and long, flowing 70s-ish hair. Lovely, I say, lovely.

I thought that was the end of this post until I found more clog deliciousness!  I just found a blog that is only about clogs. That is a beautiful thing. Clog Heaven. It's called Every Clog Has It's Day. Founder and editor Lindsey Cochran may just be my new best friend - haa-haa.

And I just found a very exciting source for a wide range of fantastic clogs Cape Clogs - and they carry my size. They have so many styles I really like and many of them are on sale now. Here's a great story about the shop owner Pamela Irving. I think I am going to be ordering me some clogs, people. It's the least any self-respecting Scandinavian-loving girl could do!

photo from Sundance Catalog Online

My Best Home Interior Style Guide

It's Wednesday already. Hope you're having a great day. Yesterday I told you I'd share my Dream House Interiors sketch book with you. Here are a few looks that seem to repeat themselves in my dream world.

It's been inspiring and great fun to take a peek at these books this week. Helps me see that perhaps I really know where I'm going with home and fashion or at least a goal to aim for. While I look forward to these more functional spaces I'm looking at ways I can maximize my use of the wonderful space I do have. With each go round of reorganization I am finding better and better ways to review, cleanse and organize what I have. It's a fantastically therapeutic process to go through regularly.

Hope these images will inspire you in your own personal style. Maybe you'll see something you like or by looking deeply you'll learn what you don't like. Wishing you the best in your quest to find your best style, inside and out. 

all photos by kalanicut
(clippings are mostly from West Elm, Pottery Barn and a couple of magazines I could not determine)

11 January 2011

Create Your Own Personal Style Guide

I'm sure it has something to do with the new year and the fact that I'm rearranging my work & living spaces, but I have been really trying to get in touch with my personal style, the things I love and the way I want to look and feel. I'm learning to look deeper now thanks to this lesson from Decor8 founder Holly Becker. Now I am more driven to know what it really is that I like about clothing and interiors that make me stop in my tracks and purr.

I've been scouring the internet photo sites for things that inspire me. Then I went to my bookcase and looked through all my style books. Then I found the best resources for a collection of clothing and accessories I love and what I want my dream home to look like. My tear sheet sketch books.

When I started looking through the pages my heart began to sing. I've been working on these books for at least five years now and looking back over the time that has passed it's very clear that in my head I have a style, even if I don't always represent it that well. The colors and patterns and shades were repeated again and again on the pages as I turned them. It's very clear that I have a look and feel that rings true to me. I am definitely going to go through these books again soon and look deeper and try to understand what I love and then act on making that more of a reality. I will be so happy to capture what I see in my book on my person.

My great task is to find better ways to represent that feeling on my person and in my home. Enjoy a few photos today from my personal fashion style guide. Some of these photos are from some years ago, but I think a classic style still stands out. Tomorrow I will share elements of my dream home.


I buy big sketchbooks from the sales racks at Borders. They are almost always available there. Then I use a glue stick to adhere clippings. It's a great way to get to know yourself better and inspire you when you need to find your style again and again over the years.

How do you keep your style sheets? How often do you look at them? What have they taught you about you?

all photos by me - unfortunately I don't have all the sources for the clippings themselves, but I can tell you I think they are most likely from one of the following: InStyle, Sundance Catalog, Lucky, Real Simple, Garnet Hill Catalog and Oprah Magazine.

Quick Tip: Move Heavy Furniture With Cardboard

Here's a Tuesday Quick Tip. When I was a little girl, we'd all leave the house for the day and we'd come home and the entire living room would be rearranged. We were always wondering how my mom moved the piano, couch and large tables by herself. I still don't know exactly how she did it, but I have found a way to move really big pieces of furniture without throwing out my back or breaking anything.

The key is a flat piece of cardboard. You can use it single ply or just use a flattened cardboard box. All you have to do is put it under the front end of the piece you want to move, then if you can, just lift up the back end and slide it across the room and into position. A little maneuvering of the box as needed under the front of the section your trying to position will help you shift things around just as you like them.

If you can't lift the back end, then just put your back up against it, and crouch down a little if you need to, then use your back to push or you can put cardboard under both ends for increased mobility. Think of the cardboard as the base & wheels of a furniture dolly. It really is so easy.

Try it next time you have the urge to rearrange your entire living room by yourself or you are moving and want to speed things up a bit. I've already moved two dressers and my bed this week. Happy furniture sliding. Have a great Tuesday. It's a happy year, hope you're enjoying every day.

photo via Denver Gov

10 January 2011

Before and After: Project Restyle - Jewelry Tray

I saw this egg carton and had all sorts of ideas to make with it for the first week of Project Restyle. I decided if I'm going to challenge myself to do one restyle a week, I should start very simple and small and work my way into more complicated projects. In the end my egg carton got a quickie spray paint with my favorite orange and then a spray of polyurethane - then due to the overwhelming spray smell it had to sit outside for a couple of days.

Now every pair of earrings has a home in a bright, easy to see cup. Didn't cost a penny since I used paint from previous projects. I was expecting that I would have to cut it down for it to fit in my drawer, so I was very pleased to see it fit right in with just enough room on the side to store a few fabric flowers.

There were some very impressive projects completed this week for the Project Restyle. You can see them here. You can also see the favorite posts of the week at Beautiful Mess blog.

Quick Tip - Freshening the Air

One day last week I had the very intense and sudden need for a BLT with out the T - I don't like raw tomatoes. So I augment BLs with cheese and onion and lots of lettuce. I don't eat a lot of bacon but people who visit here often do, so I usually cook up the entire pack and then leave the rest in the fridge for sandwiches later.

Bacon smells great when you're cooking it but hours later, you really just want to scent to go away. That's where I was at hours after enjoying my BLT. Then I remembered a little trick my mom uses to get rid of old cooking smells and freshen up the entire house in minutes.

If you're like me you'll almost always have a couple of apples in your fridge that have lost their crispness. These are perfect for this! Slice an apple up in thick slices, no need to cut out the seeds or anything. Throw them in a medium-size pot filled with warm water. Then on top of that throw in some ground cinnamon, cloves (ground or whole) and ground nutmeg. The get the pot boiling, then reduce it to a simmer.

In minutes your house will smell like a big apple pie is baking away in your oven. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes then be sure to turn it off. Hope this is helpful next time you cook fish or bacon or burn something.Now for two little warnings.

Warming 1: It's very easy to forget you have something simmering on the stove -- and that can cause all kinds of trouble, especially if you leave the house. So crank it up then crank it off. 

Warning 2: You should also be warned that if there are other people in the house, they may be expecting a fresh apple pie from the delicious scents wafting through the house, so you may want to make arrangements to have some delicious dessert on hand - or run out and buy a pie.

09 January 2011

Being Born Into the New Year

I have been spending a lot of time talking about creative projects, which has been a lot of fun, but I haven't posted as much as I like to about the healthy, well soul. Today's the day to begin in this new year. I have realized that I am very sentimental about portals - from one day to the next, one year to the next, one home to the next, etc. I mourn the end of things at the same time celebrating the new.

This year I was very conscious about the end of 2010 and the beginning of a new year, a new decade. Last year on December 30, I lost one of my dearest friends very suddenly. The shock of that time erased any moments that might have been directed towards experiencing the portal entry into the new year. In fact, that set the tone for some of the most undesirable, difficult experiences I have ever had in my life that all occurred during 2010. I hated 2010 in so many ways and yet I have found ways to love it with all my heart at the same time.

I have also realized that the loss of my dear friend feels a little bit fresh to me as I am reminded of those days by the celebrating of a new year. I have also come to believe that crossing the portal of one year to the next can be both incredibly unnerving and exhausting while at the same time filled with excitement, cheer, hope and exuberance. Having all those emotions banging around in the soul at the same time can be incredibly tiring. It's like a manic moment for the soul.

Crossing that threshold requires the processing of old experiences and emotions - the burying of sorrows. Time must be given to heal. Time must also be given to jubilantly celebrate the blessings and joy of the past year. Landmark moments must be sewn stitch by stitch to the lining of the heart so that we never lose our gratitude and acknowledgment of the miraculous.This takes time.

At the same time we are recovering from long road trips, cross country flights to spend holidays with family. We've eaten food we don't normally eat in larger quantities than normal. We've eaten other people's food that our routines are not used to. We've slept in beds that aren't ours. We've wrapped presents, sent cards, unwrapped presents and must now pack it all away for another year. Recovery cannot be put aside.

Then there is still the opening of the new year - the planning and changing we so want to do. The adventures we want to organize. Vision boards, goals, resolutions to be set and then the real work of putting them into practice, disciplining ourselves to new levels, carving off old barnacles we no long wish to be a part of us all at the same time that we return to busy routines and schedules we have set aside for days or weeks.

It's no wonder that as I followed Twitter this week I saw jubilant well-wishing and inspiration to have an amazing year, be kinder to ourselves, live more joyfully and live more simply flying across the web crashing into messages that read, "I hope I can do this", "Why am I so tired this week", "I don't have the energy to face putting all the holiday decorations away", "We all have the flu, where's our HAPPY New Year" and "I'm having a harder time than I expected jumping into this new year". It can feel like you've made the mistake of sprinting full-speed the first mile of a marathon - you just want to sit a spell and you still have 25 more to go.

My eyes are open to the fact that this year changing business is much more difficult when one truly experiences it in its fullest. Caring about the quality of one's life can be painful and thrilling at the same time. And it takes mountains of energy to live it well. I'll admit freely that I've had brief moments of mourning, real fear and darkness crossing into this new year mixed with very long work days filled with amazing success this past week. I've gone to bed with a big smile on my face, felt full of hope for good things to come, cherished building my vision board for the new year and reading loads of inspirational writings. I've been deeply blessed by the good cheer of others and cheered in inspiring one or two people myself.

 I'm committing to myself to see the birth of a new year as just that. A slow, gently process followed by slow, gentle loving and growing. I'm going to try to let the year and let me grow naturally and peacefully and try to be wise enough to appreciate it all - the pain and the glory. Such is life, if we take time to live it fully.

I imagine you can relate to what I'm saying here in many ways. How has your transition into the new year been? Any wisdoms or stories to share? I hope you are taking time for yourself and feeling hope for a bright year to come. You deserve it! We all do! Sending you warmest wishes for the blessings of your hearts!

photo via microsoftclipart

07 January 2011

Before & After - Bedroom Entryway

Unfortunately there isn't a before photo for this one, but just imagine a big empty space that wasn't really used for anything other than a large, frameless rectangular blackboard where I always have a motivational quote written and things getting stacked there on occasion. This is the entryway to my room and an unused space that I've been wanting to maximize for a while.

I like to have my bedroom door open and my room, minimally decorated and  very tidy and clean. It makes the entire living space feel more spacious. Here's a look at what my room looked like up until this afternoon. This is with the summer bedding on. The brown duvet folded at the bottom of the bed is the winter bedding.

Today I conferenced with The Man, who has a good eye for spacial harmony and a good sense of design, about maximizing the space in my room and making space for a work desk & my sewing table. Feeling a little cramped in this apartment, I am very motivated to make use of every space available while maintaining and open, flowing feel. We came up with a plan to shift my bed, move my dressers and move out a couple of small storage pieces. This would allow me room for a workspace that would include a narrow, long desk, my sewing table and two tall, narrow bookcases where I could store a few books I use regularly and my creative tools & supplies. Using the unused space in my entryway seemed the first step.

I started out by moving this dresser over to the space. Then I replaced the mirror and framed Japanese piece that were on the dresser previously. Next I added the plant and two of my favorite treasures this old lock and key jewelry box I found at a thrift store sometime in the past 10 years and my treasured little elephant I have had for at least 15 years.

When I got to this point I felt like there was still too much white space above it, that the Rule of Threes proportions weren't quite right. It felt like like the dresser and accessories on top were a bit too short. I considered getting some taller things, then hanging something above it. Nothing seemed quite right. Then I thought the perfect thing might be a little garland/banner swag.

Since the craft supplies are still in the living room from the holidays I took 15 minutes and made a little banner.
I think it worked just right. You can't see the lettering on the banner in the photo but I stamped the word balance on it. I like that it's barely visible, it's a quiet reminder to me to live in balance, which is my big goal for this year -- to give proper attention to all areas of my life.

Somehow the banner seemed to just pull it all together. It was a sweet little, feminine frame around the entire arrangement. The green pulls out the greens in the plant, box and knobs. The orange is the perfect accent to the dark browns, greens, white and dash of red in the box. 

Here's the finished product. When The Man returned and I had this all done, not only was he surprised that I hadn't waited for him to help move the dresser (I have a trick I'll share with you soon) but he gave the thumbs up on the arrangement. He doesn't totally get the banner but I get that. As he always says, "I'm just a guy." It's not a guy thing. But he likes the finished product. That makes me feel good.

I have to remind myself to stop and cherish this little project for a few minutes before I turn to the right and look at the room at large. Moving the bed and other dresser will be next. I am opening up the space for my desk and sending out a message to the universe to help bring it to me. I may have found it today, but I'm still considering my options. So excited about the reality of having my own writing space near a sunny window and a work/craft space that is well organized and easy to use.

So there's my latest design project. Excited to move forward. Hopefully by next week I'll have more projects to share with you. Isn't it a relief to have a weekend after the tumultuous, at times painful, yet exciting and joyful entry to the new year. Have a wonderful weekend! Rest up, it's going to be a awesome 2011!

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