14 April 2011

Before & After: The Ocean Yields An Art Project

I shared with you, a few weeks ago, our day at our favorite beach in San Diego. You might remember we spent some time doing a little clean up after the tsunami waves that came to the West Coast following the earthquake in Japan. We found a lot of very unusual debris on the beach that day including a lot of broken bits of bamboo, wood, parts of boats and rope.

I found this piece of wood, obviously once a door to something. It probably belonged to a boat at one point. I immediately saw a piece of art in it and my thoughts were supported by The Bug who completely agreed when I mentioned it. 

So the big question next was, what would the project be....and on which side would I create it? Which would you have chosen? I'd love to hear your opinion!

I was definitely leaning towards the blue-gray side, but the back side is amazingly, perfectly weathered too. I think it's prettier in person than it photographed. I thought I would use the hinge holes to hang the piece -- whatever that piece was going to be. I've been feeling inspired by the paint brush lately. We've been doing some watercoloring. I've been toying with paints and mixed media pieces.

I waited to see what inspirations came to me. I felt in a way that my creative thoughts had been leading me to this piece of wood. I hoped, hoped, hoped I could make something of it that I would like. It's always a little hit and miss. I've had good luck lately so I had to just hope for the best. Then an idea came to me.

A postcard from our very favorite little beach --

 I'll show you how I did it - all the details later this morning. You can link to the details here.  Have an awesome day. It's all about how you think and what you say about it. It's a great day! Everything is possible.

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Kar said...

That is awesome Kalani!!!! I love it! How cool!

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