13 April 2011

I Just Decided

It's so nice to come together with you this morning. I am so blessed to have gained so many rich relationships from my experience blogging. I appreciate your positive comments from twitter, FB and here. You encourage me and teach me so much. Thank you for that.

During the days that I've been sharing all these Before and Afters and design posts I've been thinking a lot about life. I've been thinking about 2010 and the first third of 2011 which is almost over now. It's been a pretty crazy time, but it's taught me some things and definitely made me a much stronger person.

So I've decided some things. And here they are --

1) I am going to live my dreams.
God inspired me to have them, created me to seek and live them.

2) I am going to be happy.
It's not a life place, it's a decision - every day. I get to choose.

3) I am going to be brave to meet new people.
I have been super blessed by other's shared experiences and wisdom lately.

4) I am going to welcome good fortune.
You don't always have to suffer for what you seek.

5) I am  going to do a morning ritual every day.
I am so much more powerful this way.

6) I am going to keep taking classes.
Enjoying a class keeps me fresh and happy.

7) I am going to live in the knowledge that things usually end up better than you expect.
It's true so why keep fretting?! Why ruin the current day worrying about the future?

8) I am going to learn to play my ukulele.
It is the most beautiful uke I have ever seen. The man bought it for me. He is generous.

9) I am going back to Scandinavia next summer.
Can already feel the damp air on my face. Already making plans with blog friends there.

It feels good. What are you putting your foot down about in your life these days? What are you changing in your mindset? What are you looking forward to? Your progress and bravery are such great encouragements to others.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. I'll be back later with a GIVEAWAY announcement. This should be a fun one -- a collection of things I've hand embellished or made. Can't wait to share them with you. I kinda wanna keep the stuff for myself -- haa-haa. Be well!

image by kalanicut


Kelly said...

This is a great list - so much wisdom here. I'm learning more and more that it's not just great goal-setting but the daily follow-through and decision to be happy, to pursue what matters most, and be present that matters. Sounds like we're on the same page - again! :-)

patricia_belle said...

Kali, may I call you Kali?, I'm a Mondo Beyondo classmate of yours and let me just say thank you so mcuh for your posts. It's been nice to connect with someone in the class and you inspire me to want to create a blog of my own someday and follow my big dreams. Let me just tell you that I have had a major dismantleing (sp?) in my life right now. I'm leaving a "safe" job that I'm miserable at to pursue a dream to become a personal trainer and yoga instructor which I must say is risky for someone who has worked in IT for four years now. It's a dream that came to me in the meaningful work portion in the Gifts of Imperfection class and I am so excited about taking the risk and trusting that God will see me through this. Patience is the one thing I've got to work on and it's progress not perfection in that arena. I just can't wait!

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