22 April 2011

How Anthropologie Charmed My Socks Off

Glasswing Bedding
image via Anthropologie

While we were out last night The Bug quite charmed the ladies at Anthropologie on 3rd Street Promenade by dancing all about in her orange corduroy skirt, this sweater, knee high socks and bright blue clogs and helping straighten the sales area that had taken a beating during the day. She spent quite a long while organizing sheet sets on a lower shelf, gathering hangers and picking things up off the floor. She also did a very funny routine where she did different impressions using a hanger that had lost it's hook. Hanger turned down - dog with droopy ears, hanger turned inward & up - an ant (looked exactly like the ants in the movie Ant Bully) and on it went. 

We had to wait for her while she finished up her "work", she refused to come until the sheet shelf looked right. She was several times offered a job by the charming Anthro ladies. They were so sweet with her. I was really impressed at the friendliness and fun-loving nature of the staff -- the perfect kind of folks you want to cross paths with while shopping and any retail shop should be thrilled to have. They quite charmed me.

I told The Bug that a job there might be a good idea and she said that would be great and maybe me and Daddy could come and meet her for lunch while she was at work. We all laughed hard. At least she would not be so likely to spend all her earnings as I would surely do if I worked in such a lovely place all day long. 

As if the clothing, jewelry, bedding, linens, dishes, lighting, books, decor, window displays, Keith Johnson & Man Shops Globe were not enough, well shoot, I have a new reason to appreciate and adore Anthropologie.



Yes, another reason to love anthropologie. She sounds adorable and fun.


newsprout said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. What fun!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Lovely images, you have a great blog. Look foward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

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