13 April 2011

Spring Giveaway!

**Winners Announcement**
1st Prize Winner: Heather
2nd Prize Winner: Mandy

This contest is now closed. --

I am so happy to finally have another giveaway here. Hooray! It's been way too long. I have to admit that I would like to just keep this stuff for myself -- ah, but no, I made it all for two lucky friends of kalanicut. I do so love to create little gems that I can share with you - more than just the written word and pictures.

Here's the scoop. There is one 1st prize: 
  • spring-tastic blue kalanicut tote bag
  • 1 large colorful patchwork toiletries bag
  • splashy HI notecards (set of 10)
and one 2nd prize:
  • 1 super cute small purple toiletries bag
  • splashy HI notecards (set of 10)

I had so much fun putting this all together and making things knowing I would get to give them away to dear blog reader friends. There is something very enjoyable about mailing away fun treats.

So here's all you have to do. You get one entry for any of the following (let me know in comments how many of them you did):

1) leave a comment here
2) retweet a tweet about this giveaway
3) follow me on twitter (new or existing)

also added

4) follow this blog
5) share this post on Facebook

**But you must let me know how many entries you are thus eligible for in the comments below.

The winners will be named, through a random drawing. Contest ends midnight PDT Monday April 18. Winner will be announced Tuesday April 19. 

I still have a few toiletries bags in stock if you were hopping to snag some. Hit me up here, on Twitter or FB and I'll get them to you. Okay here we go with a fun contest. Have a great rest of your day!


lori parkhurst said...

love all your beautiful creations!

rychelle said...

those bags are SO cute!

The Richards Family said...

So fun, Kalani! I don't tweet, but does FB count? I'm putting up now as my status. Do you make sunglass holder bags? I need one of those! :) Rebecca Richards

kalanicut said...

Rebecca - I will TOTALLY count FB! Thanks for passing the word along! Now funny you should mention sunglass holder bags -- I have made them in the past & 2 nights ago The Man gave me a very energetic speech about how I should make them again. Looks like I'll be cranking out some new sunglass cases shortly!

Sally W. said...

I want, I want! I'm a loyal follower (we're hooked in by Google Reader), but I don't "tweet". Really??? How techy do you want this old girl to be??? I will totally buy a sunglass bag holder thingy!! Love you!!

Tracy Aldous said...

Gorgeous creations as always! I've now "shared" your link AND am an official "follower" - I love your blog!

Donna Heart said...

Oooh - I'm thinking that those toilet bags may also be nice to make up a small travelling painting/crafting kit?! They're gorgeous Kalani! Thanks for visiting my blog and I've also tweeted and facebooked too ;)

Mandy said...

I am a "follower", for some reason it wouldn't let me follow originially but now you are an official part of my google reader ;)

Also, I'm sharing this on Facebook...so, that's 3 entries for me! I hope I win :)

p.s. you have inspired me with your fb comments and I tossed tons of stuff yesterday and packed 15 boxes in two days. love you :)

johnson hq said...

Hey! I'm leaving a comment, posted about it on my fb, and added you to google reader! love, love, love your bags!!

Anne said...

Love it! I'll totally retweet you- you know I'm a fan here & everywhere!

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