31 October 2009

Welcome to kalanicut!

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Welcome to kalanicut, my new blog! A great new adventure, this blog will be all about fashion and design. Fashion as in who we fashion ourselves to be on the inside and outside. Design as in the steps taken to get there and how we exhibit and manifest style and graciousness in the world. Topics will include elements of basic fashion, style and creative projects for body, mind and soul – and all the ways we share them. A great place to share and compare thoughts, new ideas and inspirations and creative adventures.

Why kalanicut (it rhymes with Connecticut)? Being named Kalani (KAH-lah-knee) you’re sure to get a lot of nicknames. My sisters and I seem to all have at least ten solid nicknames from family and friends. When I play ball with boys I always get Special K. Kali and Kani are popular with the gal pals. With my family my nicknames are Lei Aloha, Lan, and more.

Kalanicut Connecticut is a nickname my aunt gave me when I was a tiny girl, sometimes shortened to just Kalanicut. Well, --cut as a word unto itself has the potential for lots of symbolisms: a piece of something, a style or shape of design, a physical action involved in many creative processes. So to think of this blog as a cut of Kalani seemed to capture perfectly the essence of this blog’s playful, thoughtful, stylish intent.

Rolling forward, I have been keeping a list of blog topics for almost two years now, which I am grateful for now that I’ve got a blank canvas sitting before me. In coming weeks you can look forward to GIVEAWAYS, cool interviews and guest bloggers, Top 10 Tips, quick pick-me-ups, recipes, organizational tools, design and creative ideas, great lifestyle product suggestions and hopefully inspiration for the pursuit of a healthy, happy, fashionable life!

Welcome to kalanicut style! I'll fill you in more about who I am, where I've been and what I've done in coming blog entries. Can't wait to meet you and chat!
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