29 April 2011

8 Sassy Gift Tags Anyone Can Easily Make

*This giveaway is closed but enjoy the tags.

A beautifully wrapped gift is really two presents in one. Yes it's the content of the gift, but it's also a visual and tactile gift to the receiver. I've always loved wrapping a pretty gift, although I've become much more relaxed about it over the years. One of the things that makes a gift most unique and special is a handmade gift tag.

I like to punch a hole in my tags and tie them in the bow on a boxed gift or to the handle of a gift bag. In smaller sizes these are also very cute on treat bags and can be personalized with theme colors for a wedding guest welcome bag too. I think the final, beautiful touch on all these is a quick, handwritten greeting scrawled in a high-quality pen. Sometimes I use silver, gold or white pens, other times a good quality black or blue gel pen will do. I often write in all lower case cursive as it has a festive, unified look.

Here are 8 ideas for simple gift tags that will set a gift apart and exude creativity with very little trouble or time.

1. Watercolor & Stamped (seen above) - All you have to do is watercolor a sheet of paper and let it dry. Then cut it up in whatever shape you like and quickly stamp a little greeting on it. Easy to do ahead of time and have on hand. Easy to coordinate colors with wrapping paper.

2. Layered Cutouts. This is all about layering pretty papers. All you need to do is cut two rectangles and then one tiny square or circle. Glue the large rectangles together then adhere the tiny square or circle with a foam adhesive square for dimension.

3. Simple Initialed Tags. It's hard to see in this photo but the initial K is done in pink, green and blue. I actually used a sealing wax stamp K for this project. Simple, charming with a little note written in bright white or silver ink.

4. Random Scraps. These gift tags are a great way to use up your small scraps of paper. You can layer leftover bits, make a quilt-like pattern, there are lots of options.

5. Pretty Labels. So easy. Just buy some beautiful adhesive labels and stick them on pretty scraps of paper. These are Martha Stewart and her line has a gorgeous variety. These are also printable so you could print a message on them. These would make cute name tags too.

6. Stamped Greeting. Again just a pretty little strip of paper with a pretty message stamped in a lovely aqua blue shade. This stamp had a real retro feel to it and came out so beautifully on the paper. I can just see a really bright red ribbon used with these. Wouldn't these be cute tied around a pineapple you brought back for family from Hawaii?

7. Sticker Embellished. Simple pieces of paper glued together with a cute foam backed sticker added. So easy, so super cute! All the stickers here came from one sheet.

8. Three Rectangle Strips. These are my favorite, my go to for gift tags. They look so cute with a pretty message written in lower case cursive across them. I made a bunch of these one Christmas for my mom that said "from the kitchen of " and her name on them for all the delicious delights she so frequently delivers to friends and neighbors.

You will probably notice that on none of these are all the edges straight and everything in perfect alignment. I seek the imperfection on purpose, I think it's more interesting to the eye. So there are eight gift cards you can quickly put together to spice up your gift giving routine. 

So Here's The Giveaway -- 
Now here's the fun part for me. When I made these for this post I decided to make 100 and give away 10 packs of 10 gift cards to readers. The first 10 people who comment on this post will win a set of 10 gift cards. Which is your favorite or the one you can most easily see yourself trying? Please leave your comment then email your mailing address to me at kalanicut at hotmail.com. Happy winning. Happy Friday!

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Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Wheee! I think that either #2, layered cutouts, or #1, watercolor and stamped, are my faves. :) These are all clever ideas, though!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea... it's so cute! I love # 7 and # 8 the most, but they're all very creative. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Very cute and thrifty idea! I really like the 'random scraps' idea. I have a craft drawer of scraps that I had considered tossing- but will be saving now! Thanks!

Sally W. said...

Love the layered cutouts and the simple initial tags. How clever to use a sealing wax stamp!! Smiles, Sally Walter

Pollen Jewelry said...

Loving the layered cutouts, and the 3 Rectangle Strips. I would share these with people who buy my jewelry as gifts :)

Anonymous said...

Great IDEA! I am going to try and make some for mother's day coming up! I love your creativity :)


Rebecca Ward said...

I love the initial tags. I love monograms and my company logo is basically an initial. Great ideas! They really can make the gift unique.

Rebecca Ward said...

I love the initial ones and initial anything really. Take a look at my company logo!
Great ideas to make a gift unique

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

They're all lovely! I like the sticker embellished ones.

Thanks for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party! If you could please add a link back to me too, I'd really appreciate it. I'm really trying to grow this party, and those link backs help me get the word out. Thanks!

Terry said...

I love them all and will definitely be giving several of them a try. I think my favourite are the watercolours. So pretty.

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