01 April 2011

Workspace Reveal All Next Week

Here's some fun news before you head into the weekend. All next week I'll be sharing with you my new workspace. I finished up it up on Wednesday and took a ton of photos. I'll break down all the areas and give you the details on all the elements as they came together. I can't wait to share it with you. I am so happy with it. It is a lovely dream to sit here in the sun and work.

One other thing I had to share with you. I am working the Law of Abundance full force in my life. Yesterday morning I woke up feeling some stress and had to talk myself back to a calm and abundant attitude. The first thing that happened was I found out I was a runner-up in the Martha Stewart Living Home Shopping Network contest. I literally retweeted a tweet to enter and had forgotten all about it.

Next thing I know MSL is following me on twitter and I have a package full of Martha Stewart goodies headed to my house! Abundance -- a small effort on my part to welcome new, exciting possibilities into my life. A while later heard from a potential new client. Later had some money come to me that I wasn't expecting and found my surprise sweet pea plants.

This kind of stuff has been happening all week long. I believe good things will come and they do. It's a challenge to keep up the faith but it's getting easier and easier every day because it continues to manifest itself in my life.

Hope you have a fantastic Friday and an amazing weekend. It's all yours for the taking! Cheers!

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MD Interior Design said...

Gosh,your blog is so lovely. I really enjoy the way you write and your philosophy on life. Glad to hear that good things are coming your way - you deserve them.... enjoy. Michelle

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