24 February 2016

New Target Decor and Organizing Baskets

I was so happy to visit Target recently and see some fresh new items in stock. Based on my great success scoring some good and needed home decor items at Target I can't walk into the store without taking a quick tour through the home furnishing department. I still regret a few clearance items I did not pick up over the years so I try to always think twice before I miss out on something I love at a great price.

The first thing I saw that I loved was this bench. I think it would look smashing with two of them at the foot of our navy blue and olive green bed. We're planning to paint the walls gray at some point and I think this natural wood and varying stripes would look great! I'm going to be watching for the price to go down on these and them hopefully I'll be able to grab two. The nice thing about living in a suburban environment is that I can hit three or four Targets in less than 20 minutes from our house. Yay.

I thought these lamps had New Mexico written all over them. A great new, colorful addition to the lighting section which I recently accused on Facebook of being colorlessly bland. I love that we've just moved to the Southwest and Southwest Style just happens to be hot right now. We're not doing a lot of Southwest interior styling in our home but it's fun to have a touch of it around mixed with Asian and modern art and modern furniture.

Now that I'm starting to organize some the bedrooms and workspaces it's obvious we need some organization tools like baskets and bins. I love these two-tone baskets in a variety of sizes. They are sturdy and stylish.

I love these wood storage bins. I imagine the open face ones would be great for Kiddos room and for storing potatoes and onions and things in the kitchen if I could find the space. I definitely want to find some ways I could work some of these into our storage spaces.

So that's my quick tour of some of my favorite things at Target right now. If you have any favorite storage and organization baskets, boxes and bins right now I'd love to hear about them in the comments below! Hope you enjoy the speedy the Target tour. Wishing you a great day and thanks so much for coming by!

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