12 January 2011

My Best Home Interior Style Guide

It's Wednesday already. Hope you're having a great day. Yesterday I told you I'd share my Dream House Interiors sketch book with you. Here are a few looks that seem to repeat themselves in my dream world.

It's been inspiring and great fun to take a peek at these books this week. Helps me see that perhaps I really know where I'm going with home and fashion or at least a goal to aim for. While I look forward to these more functional spaces I'm looking at ways I can maximize my use of the wonderful space I do have. With each go round of reorganization I am finding better and better ways to review, cleanse and organize what I have. It's a fantastically therapeutic process to go through regularly.

Hope these images will inspire you in your own personal style. Maybe you'll see something you like or by looking deeply you'll learn what you don't like. Wishing you the best in your quest to find your best style, inside and out. 

all photos by kalanicut
(clippings are mostly from West Elm, Pottery Barn and a couple of magazines I could not determine)


Spiral Style said...

I could move into your house. You had me at "orange".

Kar said...

I concur...LOVE all of the orange!

interior design said...

The color is really pretty. It looks warm and homey. The room definitely has it's own personality.

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