04 April 2011

Workspace Reveal - Top Shelf

Here are a few more details, starting with the top shelf. Originally the top shelf was designed to hold lightweight file boxes and not too much weight. I think we stayed true to that. The fear or whatever is up there flying across the room in an earthquake is amazingly good motivation to be thoughtful.

The orange magazine files hold some favorite magazines and catalogs. Included are of course Martha Stewart, Real Simple, old Domino, Elle Decor and Artful Blogging. The basket is empty at the moment. The wood box I bought many years ago at a flea market for about $10. It is lovely and has always had a place in my front entry or on a dresser top. It holds card games now.

On top of it is an employee of the year award I won a few years ago. This is meaningful not because I was the outstanding employee that year, but because everyone in the organization had an equal vote. I did work hard and do my best, but I wasn't the most valuable employee. Some of my coworkers told me afterwards that they had voted for my hard work but more important because I had been kind and generous to everyone, especially those who didn't always get treated with respect and gratitude. Kind and generous are titles I esteem much more highly than being top sales person or star employee. Although this award is valueless monetarily it is a great reminder that doing my best and being my best will be seen, felt and appreciated by others.

The little piece of art is something I whipped up that I have grown to adore since I placed it up on that high shelf. I painted the canvas and stenciled the bird weeks ago. Then last week I pulled it out again when I needed some color and art on my shelves. I was able to quickly paint the text and border -- and a favorite piece of art and a great reminder was born. It never happens that I just whip up something like this, so I think that's why I am very fond of it -- and I so need that reminder every day.

You can also see up there my collection of Simple Abundance books. You can have one of these if you like. All you have to do is ask. You can read all about my Giving Project here.

So that's the scoop on the top shelf. I'm so happy with it. Thanks for visiting. I so appreciate my relationships with you. Hope you have a great rest of your day. Tomorrow I'll give you the lowdown on Shelf Two. Cheers!

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