02 May 2013

They're Called Uggs But I Call Them Fabulous!

I love these sandals so much that I can barely look at this photo without gushing. And happily they are mine and for $75 below retail price. Yay! I think it's pretty well established that I love clogs and wood soled shoes. If there were any question about that I think we could refer to posts titled Dansko Clogs, Swedish Hasbeens, Dinosaur Clogs, Uggs Clogs, Cape Clogs, Green Sanita Clogs, and Sundance Catalog Embroidered Clogs. I'm still wearing a pair of black professional clogs I picked up in a thrift store in 1998 in New York City. Sometimes The Man even wears them. I'm sure they're unisex clogs. Did you know that when I lived in Denmark, all the workmen wore clogs. They are truly a shoe for every day and lots of standing up.

These are the Uggs Nadia and the leather is absolutely gorgeous and I love the nailheads around the base. Natural wood soles are just dreamy to me and these pretty ladies will be great with a dress, skirt or pants for summer 2013. And still after writing this entire post, just looking at these shoes makes me giddy. It's good to feel silly enthusiasm for things in life isn't it. It sure feels good to me. It's great to have something fun to be happy about.

Anything making you silly giddy these days? I love hearing about those things. Have you found any killer sandals that have you totally excited for summer 2013? I am seeing some fun stuff out there including some awesome Espadrilles - check out this pretty post from Camille Styles. Espadrilles are another favorite shoe of mine -- again that comes with very fond memories from my childhood! I do love shoes.

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