19 September 2014

A Day At Sea: San Diego

Happy Friday friends! To get you in the mood for a relaxing last weekend of summer I thought I would share some photos from a recent day at sea. This is the Point Loma lighthouse in San Diego.

There was no shortage of sea life friends on our day out. There were sea lions galore. Boy are they noisy and a little bit rude the way they push their way around and climb right over the top of each other. As cute as they are, they could certainly use some etiquette lessons. Ha.

Pelicans greedily awaited any opportunity to snag a dropped sardine as the boat loaded live bait. When they have to work and dive for their own food they are quire amazing airmen and fishermen. Such diving talent.

Watching the waterways from shore is beautiful but it takes on a wonderful new perspective when you are out on the water. The familiar old views are fresh and different.

We experienced quite intense swells while we were out. Lots of rocking and rolling. Thank goodness we'd taken our seasick pills before we went out. For the adults the prescribed amount was one to two tablets. At  the end of the day we decided we should have gone with one tablet instead of two. We were so wiped out and drowsy. But none of us got sick -- hooray!

There were a few people who did get pretty sick. Sadly, the first person to go down was the guy who bragged to me doesn't get seasick. I felt bad for him and was glad that no one else had heard him say that to me. His day was over in the first hour of the trip.

It was a fun day, but also a long day. One of the best parts of the trip was arriving back in harbor, near this beautiful little houseboat. After we pulled in, gathered all our things and drove back to our lodging we all fell on our beds for a nap at about six thinking we'd wake up in an hour or so for dinner. Instead we all ended up sleeping until morning. A full 12 hours of sleep after a long, fun day at sea.

I'll have more to share with you next week about our little adventure. Hope you have a terrific weekend and have so fun and get some good rest. My sisters are appearing in town in a few hours, so there is lots to get ready. This is going to be an adventurous and busy weekend. Thanks for coming by.

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, how are you spending this last week of summer? Are there any of you down under who are celebrating the beginning of your warmer days? I'd love to hear what you have planned.

images by kalanicut

17 September 2014

Gorgeous Embroidered And Beaded Textiles

When my husband was out of the country last year he picked up some amazing textiles. While I was doing a total storage reorganization this week (aka heavy lifting pity party) I went through all the textiles he brought home. They were so beautiful I had to stop and take some photos.

I've decided my husband has a future as a buyer for Anthropologie if he ever wants to make a career change. I could see every one of these fabrics on a bed, chair or pillow in an Anthro catalog.

Thinking of ways to incorporate these textiles into our home turned my little head in a totally different direction from my lean and clean, minimalist, modern vibe of late. Suddenly I was seeing curtains in sunny windows, throws on multi-colored layered beds and all the international flair you could pack into one room.

So many rich hues, lots of gorgeous embroidery and intricate patterns. Some of the large pieces would make a gorgeous curtain or bed throw. Others would make a lovely table setting.

This looks like a vibrant coloring page done by a young child. It is a very intricate embroidery. Love the colors and the very thin silk fabric. It was a nice break from all the box moving to stop and really enjoy these for a while. How lucky am I that these are at our house?

Another gorgeous sleeve. The husband certainly has an eye for beautiful things. I am the lucky recipient of his great taste on a regular basis. He's the same guy who bought me a beautiful non-traditional engagement ring and the week after he gave it to me all the bridal magazines were touting the new trend for engagement rings using other colored precious gems instead of diamonds. He did well.

Speaking of Anthropologie here's their latest look book. There is a whole lot to love there. You'll find chandeliers, upholstered chairs, mirrors, sofas, oooh, just lots to love. Enjoy a wander. So that was my share for today. Hope you're having a great day.


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