13 November 2015

Finding The Right Family Calendar

One of the big goals for the new house was to find a way to keep a family calendar we could all depend on and to put it in a place where it was passed by frequently yet not too much of an eyesore. I looked on Pinterest at so many of the wall-size chalkboard calendars and had mixed emotions. I liked the idea in theory but when I thought about having such a public display of our calendared events I felt it lacked a good deal of privacy.

image via Paper Source

So I kept looking and happily came upon this calendar at Paper Source that I think will be quite perfect. In fact I bought two of them, one for our back entryway/kitchen and the other for my office. I love the clean look and down-to-earth styling. I think it will be quite lovely for tracking music lessons, doctors appointments and other activities.

I happened to be cleaning out my email inbox today and realized Paper Source was having a 20% off sale for two days so I grabbed the cold and saved some bucks on my investment. I did like quite a few different calendars at Paper Source. I have always believed that my calendar should be something I really like if I'm going to depend on it and need to look at it every day. This calendar will for sure keep me cheery. Can't wait to set up out little entryway off the garage with a spot for keys and our family calendar. It will be just inside our door from the garage and the spot where we'll keep bags, coats and boots, grab or drop car keys and stop as we go in and out the door.

I am thinking I will try to find some sort of wood frame or patterned bulletin board to hang this pretty calendar on. Once it comes I'll have to experiment with it in the space above the foyer table we've put there so far. Having our family organization area put together will be a big step towards making the house our own and feeling settled there. Each day we make improvements it feels a little more ike home. It's fun to think that in six months we'll be comfortable and happily settled there.

11 November 2015

Year To Shine: Looking Back

In Fall 2014 I started thinking about my theme for 2015. I settled on the word SHINE and made 2015 my Year To Shine. I had hoped to write a post about SHINE every week but that certainly didn't happen this year. But I did do my best to live SHINE.

I created this fun sign for my office as daily inspiration and I looked for things I could to to make myself more shiny and energetic. I found exercise helped me to be more shiny. Remembering to smile made me more shiny.

Shine was perhaps one of the most challenging goals I could've chosen for this year based purely on the year we've had. It has been rich, joyful and exciting and at the same time lonely, sad, difficult and discouraging. Isn't it amazing how rich life can be with ups and downs! Wow, wow, wow.

I am learning though that what we most remember as we go forward are the beautiful, grand days and joyful, magical little moments with people we love. Somehow this allows the grandly disastrous, heartbreaking days to pass a little easier and be forgotten more quickly. A strange life truth.

As the days are getting darker with the oncoming winter, I am thinking about shining a light in the darkness. White lights on the trees, candles burning on tables and mantles. It's a great reminder to shiny myself. With a few more weeks to focus on letting my light SHINE I starting to think about what my theme will be for 2016. It's coming up quickly. Ah, an idea just came to me as I was typing this. That will have to wait for another day.

Did you have a goal for 2015? How has that been going for you? I'd love to hear about your journey.


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