25 April 2011

Finding Your Way In A Day

After a somewhat chaotic, challenging but joyful weekend (joyful thanks to beloved "Californicus Familias" - you have a new nickname dear ones) I stayed up until the sun came up this morning working on a challenging and frustrating research project. It was all I could think about last night and I just had the passion to keep working at it until I emptied out my brain of all the thoughts, the possible options I needed to investigate. Whew.

After a few short hours sleep, I woke up mid-morning feeling as if I was made of glass and would shatter if anyone attempted to move my limbs or touch me. Have you ever felt like that? It's a particularly vulnerable, strange state. But after laying in bed a few minutes I shook it off and was soon up and going for the day.

But I have felt strange all day -- disjointed -- as one is apt to feel after staying up the entire night. Still a little haunted by all of last night's deep thinking. So the only thing I could really do it just find my way through the day, to ease it forward. So I did a quick photo shoot for my toiletries bags. Made up these cute cards above that I can attach to shipments. Prepped some shipments.

Then I went out to the patio garden. Therapy, relaxing, progress is how I'll describe it. I split and repotted a few plants that needed room for expansion and took a few former seedlings and planted them together in a bigger container. I cleaned all the leaves and debris out from between the plants, swept the floor, then washed it all down. Tossed a big metal pot that had rotted out, gave the gardenia I split a "haircut" -- we'll see what happens with that, I also attempted to root several cuttings. Lastly, I swept and washed down the balcony. I have several other projects & a workout still to get in today, but I have high hopes for the rest of the day. It's a beautiful day, not to be missed.

Some days are just going to be a little bit weird. It's good to just allow them. Allow a little pretty to color your world.  You still get done more than you'd imagine. Might at well do all you can and be kind to yourself. I hope you are feeling kind to yourself today. You deserve it. Happy dream living.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Oh the dreaded "day after the all-nighter!" I can barely manage those anymore, but sometimes they are necessary, huh? Sounds like you found a great way to turn the day around.

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