01 April 2011

I Could Sew Love This

I have to admit I have a thing against television stations that only sell things -- hear oohs & ahhs, hands waving around products, bad sweaters with big cob of corn appliqu├ęs...you're with me, right? While I will admit I can occasionally get sucked into an infomercial, I have NEVER bought anything I saw on an infomercial, not late at night, not in the middle of the day, not on a bad hair day, or a bad life day or a bad body image day.

But I may have met my match here. I don't know how I ever ended up seeing this sewing machine on QVC (all those channels are blocked out of my channel line-up). But I was immediately sucked in and wanted this sewing machine.

It can sew through EIGHT layers of denim, leather and much, much more. Oh, if only these had existed at this price a few years ago when I started designing handbags. I can only imagine how many hours I would've saved breaking needles, garbling up fabric under the presser foot and slowly cranking the wheel by hand to go through super thick fabrics. A few weeks ago I was reminded of this little betty by Jenny Komenda in a post at Little Green Notebook.

I'm adding this to my vision board, my birthday list, Christmas list...any list that might bring this baby on home to mama. Then I'm going to see how many layers of fabric I can jam under that presser foot just because I can.

image from Amazon

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