18 April 2011

Indian Print Block Inspiration

Happy Monday! Hope this morning finds you well and cheerful! Don't forget that today is the last day to enter the Spring Giveaway - a collection of handmade goodies I created just for the beautiful readers of kalanicut. Enter here. I have something fun to share today.

A few weeks ago I went to Wertz Brother Antique Mart in Santa Monica to look for collectibles for the Australia project. I had not been in an antique mart for a long time and it was such an adventure to walk from booth to booth and see what's trending right now in the antique world and what classics have remained. I bought the most beautiful little blue glass bottle for Donna, my trade partner. I still adore that bottle.

Another thing I saw that day was a collection of Indian print blocks. This one stood out at me and immediately a long list of projects came to my mind: stamped curtains, stamped duvet covers, art pieces, notecards, pillows and on and on my brain went. I didn't buy it that day, but I went back last Thursday and hoped it was still there. It was. It's mine.

So look forward to some fun projects with this print block in the coming months. I can't decide what to do first but it will come to me. Can't wait to share what unfolds with my new friend.

Tomorrow I'll be the guest author over at re:Find Joy talking about finding joy in every day life. Such a fun topic and constant inspiration. And I will be back here tomorrow with a fun update on the package I received from Australia and a winner for the Spring Giveaway - you can still enter right here. Have a great Monday! We're celebrating The Man's birthday today. Happy Birthday, Babe! <3

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