15 April 2011

Spring has Sprung at the Thrift Store

Had a great wander through the thrift store around the corner yesterday. I didn't buy any of these things but someone should if they need these items.

1. Great galoshes. I was bummed they weren't my size. They disappeared quickly.
2. Amazing needlework piece. It was big and intricute. Would be so beautiful in just the right space.
3. Great Asian inspired jar lamp
4. How cute and simple is this desk. Loved the color.
5. Great little chairs. Cheery and bright.
6. Another great Asian inspired lamp - they both just needed pretty new shades.
7. Score! If you collect the old blue binding Nancy Drew books it was your lucky day!!!
8. Fantastic mirror. Well made, beautiful, traditional frame.

You never know what you might find at the thrifts. It's always worth a patient, watchful wander. Go regularly, look quickly but thoroughly -- that is how you find the good stuff. Here's a link to a post I wrote about helpful thrift shopping tips. You can also read about the success I've had furnishing my home with thrift store furniture and decor finds here, here and here. Happy thrifting friends. Hope you find some fun stuff soon.


Spiral Style said...

Fun stuff. I'm headed for the first Antique Market of the season on Saturday. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Boy, wish I lived near you -- I never see such good stuff in one day --probably am not as patient/imaginative as you either...thanks for inspiring me to get out to my local thrift again...

Anonymous said...

Hi K!
I need those two stools for my office. am I missing where on your website you've posted where i can go find/buy for myself?
hope all is well!!!!!!!!!
(deb from style)

desha peacock said...

Cool stuff, I love thrif stores!!
Saw your post on the BYW post and would love to do an exchange~

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