10 March 2017

Big Likes #3: Dollar Tree Composition Notebooks

Last Monday night I headed to the neighborhood Dollar Tree store and loaded up on pretty little composition notebooks. They are a great price for just $1 for pretty, colorful patterned covers that are often three times that much at other stores. They are my Big Like for this week.

I've been using them over the past few of years for all kinds of projects from business brainstorms, home renovation projects research, dreams and goals, a daily to do list and now I am using them for client projects I am taking on. They are the perfect size and so sturdy, easy to tuck inside a purse, backpack or carry on. I use a file rubber band to hold things inside, so it's easy to tuck things in as well. Sometimes I glue things inside.

I grabbed a stack of eight on Monday and am already using two but am really happy to have a stash in my cupboard for the future. I have one I've had for a while that I am using to track projects for the house and I have added tabs on the edge with the name of each room in the house so that I can easily find and flip to each space.

They are great for sketching ideas out and I love being able to keep all my thoughts and brainstorming out projects in one place. They would be great for a travel journal for a trip. With some fun washi tape or a glue stick with you, you could tape or glue tickets and photos and fun mementos inside along with a daily record of activities and events - and again they are easy to tuck in a small bag or write in while traveling in small quarters.

They would also work great for a place to collect recipes, collect favorite quotes or to use a a gratitude journal each day -- and they look cute on the bookshelves too. One dollar composition notebooks are my Big Like for this week.

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