20 April 2011

Perfect Summer Skirts From J.Jill

Hope you're having a peaceful, relaxing day! Looking at many popular clothing sites for summer skirts the past couple of weeks I've been a little horrified to see that many of my favorite shops are not featuring any skirts that are more than 10 inches long. Zoinks! So I was happy to stop by J.Jill and see that they had a great selection of longer skirts for gals on the go. 

These three skirts seem perfect for walking in city parks, family adventures, kids climbing on your lap, travel days, not to mention every day running around. Feminine, fresh, easy to pair up with lots in the closet and so perfect with pretty leather sandals.

I am also looking for good just below the knee skirts for bike rides, beach days and every day casual comfort. Have yet to see much that I liked. Seems like a few years ago there were cute colorful, appliqued or stretch cotton a-line skirts everywhere. Not they are either big ruffly broom skirts, schlumpy knit foldover waist skirts, or two washclothes sewn together.

Are you frustrated too? Where are you finding favorite skirts this Spring? I know I'm not the only one out there looking. Have heard several women complaining about the lack of great skirts. Tell us what you're loving for the upcoming summer months.

images by J.Jill



I have always liked J Jill, as their clothes are so feminine.


April said...

Oh, I hear you on it being hard to find! I never wear anything shorter than the knee for modesty sake, so it is a constant hunt! I have pretty good luck with vintage skirts, though. :)

Jenn said...

Have you looked at Down East basics? The skirts look like they hit below the knee and some are super cute: http://www.downeastbasics.com/newarrivals.aspx

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