21 April 2011

Graciously Welcoming VS. Desperately Needy

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Tomorrow is the last day of the Mondo Beyondo online course I've been taking. It has been an awesome experience. I have finally made peace with the whole idea of living my dreams, the laws of attraction and abundance, The Secret and most importantly Mondo Beyondo dreaming. I feel like I can breathe better now, a tightness in my chest about all this is G-O-N-E.

Here is the comment I made in class today:

Goodness. I could not have loved this lesson more! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders once and for all. The greatest realization I have made in this class is that I don’t have to battle, work myself into the ground or suffer to make my dreams come true. I can just allow the flow to happen, peacefully, joyfully and easily. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to finally, finally get that. I am so excited to just let go and let things happen and I love how that is making me feel about me and my life.

I have fixed in my mind now the idea of opening a door and welcoming in all the beauty I want in my life rather than marching after it, desperately chasing it down, trying to club it into submission and drag it home to have it. It’s just so obvious to me that gracious welcoming is the way to go, not feeling so needy or desperate or freaked out that it won’t happen.
If I was to be befriended by a person that acted graciously welcoming vs. desperately needy which would I naturally gravitate to – there is absolutely no question. And don’t you think dreams feel the same way about who they gravitate to?
--That's my thought for you today. Make a list of your dreams, put them out there. Then just hold onto it and let it come. Keep being you, keep doing what makes your heart sing and let it come.
Lastly, if you're wondering about your dreams and what you can do to make them happen no matter how young or old you are, no matter where you are in life, I would really encourage you to take the Mondo Beyondo class. You can register right here. What an amazing investment to gently, subtly, joyfully change your entire life perspective.
Everyone has some little glitch somewhere in their thinking that can be changed to open up greater joy and allow their dreams to happen freely in their life. Only you can find it, identify it and change it. Imagine what could be possible if you did! Sending you fond wishes, dear readers. Thank you for being here and dreaming with me. Much love.


Pollen Jewelry said...

Your words are inspiring

MD Interior Design said...

Your teacher must have been thrilled with your comment. It's brilliant and very thought provoking.

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