22 April 2011

CB2 Bright Yellow Canaries

image from CB2

Happy Friday darling friends. So love meeting up with you like this! Our Thursday night started out headed to the Westwood Farmer's Market. When we got there it had closed down many hours early because they had no customers due to the President's visit. So we decided to go to Century City. Got almost there via good back roads and realized that is where the President was and the area was all shut down. So before we got mired in traffic, we made a run for it and headed for Santa Monica.

We enjoyed a lovely evening with a delicious dinner and saunter around the downtown area. There were many tourists in town, particularly Europeans. It warmed my heart a bit to think they had traveled so far to come and enjoy our beautiful California. 

It's always inspiring to stop into some of the home decor stores. Tonight we had a great wander around CB2. The Bug and I were not 10 feet in the door when we saw these charming little canaries. She could not help herself but ask immediately if it would be possible to have one for her room. I was thinking the same thing for my room! Then The Man suggested one would look great in the living room. So we bought three, one for each room - although they may meet up together for special occasions too. 

The Bug had a great time carrying them to the register and talking with the sales clerk about us purchasing them. We were all so charmed by these little creatures. When I got home and looked them up on the web site I found we were not the only ones, these pretty babies are getting rave reviews in the customer comments section too and everyone seems to be in agreement that they are the perfect little pop of color to brighten any room.

When we arrived home we immediately took one canary out, found a candle for it and The Bug placed it right next to her bed. We also came home with the lovely Geisha Grellow Table Lamp (no that is not a typo -- it's Grellow). It's high time to refresh and replace a few old furnishings in the living room. This pretty lamp will be a nice perky addition. Anticipate that some lamps and furniture will end up on Craigslist soon. 

We will quite enjoy burning our sparkly little tea lights in our sweet little bright yellow canaries for a long time to come. They are such a perfect, cheery addition to table tops and bookcases for spring. Well done CB2. We found several other things that really caught our eye there which I'll have to share with you soon. Live your dreams today! Love ya! -- Later this morning I'll share with you a very cute, funny story from our visit to Anthropologie. I'm more in love with the place than ever and it has nothing to do with their product line this time.

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