10 December 2010

Holiday Gift Idea - Making Eating Out Easier

Here's a great little holiday gift idea. Thought I'd introduce you to our little friends from Africa. I purchased these at the fabulous Craft & Folk Art Museum, on the Miracle Mile, in Los Angeles. It has the most fantastic gift shop and has been a great spot to go for very unique holiday decorations and nativities, birthday presents in a wide price range, beautiful jewelry (happy birthday to me), scarves and so much more.

I knew The Little Bug would love these -- shoot, I love them. I gave them to her one night at a restaurant where we were dining. She played with them through the entire meal and it made eating out so much more peaceful. That gave me a great idea. I didn't want to see our little friends thrown into and trampled in the toy box. So I decided make them a special occasion and use them as restaurant toys.

They stay on the dresser in my room and when we go out to eat, I pop them into my purse for The Bug to play with while we're ordering and waiting for food and when she's done eating and the grown ups are still  talking and eating. She can play with them for a long time without getting bored and because she doesn't see them all the time they are something she especially enjoys playing with. We love the restaurant friends.

Small, soft, easy to carry restaurant toys would make a great gift for children or parents of young children.

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