08 April 2011

Twin Headboard Reveal Monday!

Can't wait for Monday. I bought this headboard in January, the very day I started getting sick, which lead to the great hospitalization extravaganza. It's finally done now and I can't wait to share this Before and After with you. One of my favorite projects I've done in a while and a real group effort.

Also this week I started a little project with this piece of weathered wood I found on the beach in San Diego after the high tides following the Japan Tsunami. It was once a cupboard door, likely on a boat. Who knows what part of the world it originated in. (If only it could speak, right?) It's in progress now, I'm starting to paint today. Let's just pray I don't totally screw up because there's no do-over on a thing like this. Can't sand it or paint over mistakes.

Hopefully I'll have another great Before and After to share with you next week. Plus Rebecca Ward of Design R will be guest blogging all about accessorizing the home. Have a fantastic weekend!

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