08 August 2014

Pier One Table Lamps

Can you handle two lighting posts in a week? Hope so. My original hanging lighting post got me wondering what some of the other retailers were up to in the lighting area. So I started doing a little research. I thought today I would share some favorite table lamps from Pier One.

Honeycomb Lamp: I like the texture, shape and color of this lamp. I like that lighting is venturing into some new shapes, clearly inspired by vintage stylings. The beautiful deep blue of the shade would fit well in a beach house environment or a room filled with dark grays, wouldn't it?

Sphere Lamp: This has 60s grandma house written all over it and I think that is what I love so much about it's updated yet old-school look. This small lamp makes a great statement. I must have blues on the brain.

Teardrop Luxe Lamp: This feels like such a grown up girl lamp. Yet I can see it working in a very formal environment or being a great mix to bring into a casual environment to give it a little upscale va-voom. It's neutral color tones would make it a subtle and elegant addition to a colorful space.

Crackle Ombre Table Lamp: I like the height of this lamp and the gradient color of course. It's a piece that could fit into a lot of environments quite nicely. I like the mossy greenness of it.

Urn-Shaped Glass Lamp: Speaking of mossy greens, this is a nice breakaway from all the blues, right? I love the look and color of the glass and the shade is graceful, natural and understated. This feels like a lamp one would find in a cozy den during the fall season. Can't you just see it, cup of tea on the coffee table, sleepy, peaceful music playing....you're wearing a gorgeous, chunky turtleneck fisherman's sweater...chatting with charming friends. It's a vision.

Infinity Table Lamp: I love the shape and simplicity of this lamp. You could put this in a spa or a brightly colored living room. It speaks a certain peacefulness and gracefulness that is always nice to find in a lamp. It seems like a lamp that would compliment any environment without taking anything away from any other design elements. This would go great in my home right now and I'm sure a future home as well.

While I am scheming up our next home in my visionary mind, it's a great time to see what is out there in the design realm right now. It's fun to start pulling ideas together. It saves a lot of time when you're ready to shop if you've already done some research. I've been working on a new vision board this week and I definitely am putting some home inspiration on it.

Thanks for coming by. It's great to meet here with you!

all images via Pier One

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