07 April 2011

The Workspace Reveal - Printer Station

It's already Thursday and the last day of The Workspace Reveal. Today it's all about The Printer Station. This was a total utilitarian space and one that I added at the very last minute at my last design session. You can read about that session here. That was the day I really considered all my needs and my Elfa consultant at The Container Store showed me how we could address them all. That was the moment I really started getting the vision of what my workspace could and should be.

I didn't want a big printer taking up pretty real estate on my desk or one of the upper shelves. I told my consultant I wanted the printer out of sight somehow and he suggested extending the shelves down the side of my desk so that the printer was right where I could reach papers while sitting and was out of sight almost completely. A big lightbulb went off for me! That was the perfect solution. So we added a shelf that basically extended the length of my desk another 25 inches and below that added a bigger shelf for the new printer.

It honestly never occurred to me that I could make my space so functional to fit all the appliances in with hidden storage, books, magazines and personal trinkets. I am so happy I met just the right person to help me see the light and make it happen.

On the shelf above I have a dokument tray from IKEA. It comes in orange and of course I loved that, but I didn't want a document tray to be the eye grabber of my new workspace and I thought the brushed metal would work perfectly with the new desk. Next to that are some favorite magazines and usualy one of the pretty flowers I have around the house. I'm not sure where it disappeared to in these shots.

With the printer are a small candle and a bowl a friend in Latvia gave me with my Mondo Beyondo meditations. I don't actually light that candle there, it's just a good out of the way place for it when I'm not using it. Below the printer I might add a drawer sometime. For now I have my paper cutter and supply of paper on the floor beneath. Having the paper cutter so easily available is another one of those big time savers. I use it more when I don't have to dig it out of a box in the closet first.

On the left is a little space for storage where I keep my computer envelope and fantastic lap desk from Belkin. The lap desk is one of the best presents I ever got. But it's funny how I hardly ever use it now that I have this pretty space to work in.

So that's it, the entire tour of the new work space. Hope you enjoyed it. I had a phenomenal time designing and creating this space. Putting it all together took time -- time to look for inspiration, what I needed, what would fit, shop it all out, put it all together and then style it all cohesively. But it was a lot of fun and I loved doing it. I am looking forward to putting all that knowledge and experience toward a new adventure I'll tell you about soon.

I'm tweaking a few other things in the room that I'll share with you soon. Thanks for going on this journey with me! Hope your day is going superbly.

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