26 April 2011

First Experiment With Indian Print Block

How is it Tuesday already? So crazy. Hope you're having a great morning. So happy you stopped by.

A fun quick note. I have the chance to guest at the blog of Margot Madison Creative today. Margot, a BYW classmate, is a very successful and creative graphic designer and her custom invitations have appeared in several Collin Cowie wedding books and even on Oprah. What a lucky girl I am to share my Torn Paper Art on her blog today. The post includes a cool giveaway that Margot put together. Please stop by her site and enter the giveaway for some great prizes. I would also definitely recommend a nice wander through her portfolio. I saw things there that I really loved. I am thrilled that later this week Margot will guest blog here in kalanicut. Hooray!

Since I started doing more artwork with stamps and stencil again a few months ago I've also become very interested in fabric printing. A few weeks ago I purchased an Indian Print Block that I blogged about here.

I started thinking about what projects I could attempt with my new prize and what fabrics I had on hand to play with. I remembered I have quite a bit of linen that would be quite fun to work with. I also began doing a little research about the art of Indian block printing. I learned all about how to care for my print block and found that there are quite a large, wonderful selection of wood block prints that can be purchased. Even more exciting is to realize how many different projects you can do with print blocks. Here's a great link with lots of information and resources.

So, you can see what I made today. I chose a large piece of chocolate brown linen and used white paint. It took up nearly an entire small bottle of fabric paint, so I'll definitely be looking for sources that sell larger bottles of fabric paint. I thought I would try a tight pattern this time and on my next try I want to try something with more space between each print. I thought this tight pattern would make a nice pillow. The Man, who has a fantastic creative eye, suggested adding a touch of gold or red dots to the pattern. I am definitely going to consider that tomorrow. Once the fabric has dried and I have a chance to press it with a warm iron I will sew something up and share it with you soon.

I'm definitely interested in purchasing a couple more blocks and trying a variety of projects. I like the botanical prints and the Polynesian inspired blocks especially. I'd love to make some curtains with a large ink print for a couple spaces in my home. Have you tried Indian block printing? What are your favorite patterns?

Have a grand day! Blessings await.

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Ever - The red house by the lake said...

Just found my way here from a beach cottage. Sounds like an interesting project you are doing and I think you man might be right - some red and gold would take it even further.

Looking forward to see your other projects.

abeachcottage said...

Your first experiment turned out great! Glad you added your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

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