08 April 2011

Travel Scrapbook Gift

A few months after we met, The Man (who had never been to New York City) and I took a trip to The Big Apple. We both used miles for our ticket and got a steal of a deal. I have spent a lot of time there with friends and on a few business trips, so it was fun to share with him his first experience there.

I thought it would be fun to make him a scrapbook of our trip -- obviously this was early in the relationship because who has time or energy to do this stuff after a while. Haa-haa. But we still should on occasion, right? Little surprises always mean a lot.

I made a travel pack before we left with information about the travel itinerary, what we'd be doing - a theoretical day-by-day schedule, where we'd be staying and what to expect from the weather. Then I collected things along the way and when I got home I gathered photos of NYC from online and combined them with our trip photos, brochures, tickets, business cards and other mementos from our trip.

The album is by Kolo. It wasn't too hard to gather everything, but it took some time to cut photos, choose and cut paper to back them, arrange them and then go through and write all the details. It's fun to have the details now that they have faded from memory a bit. It was definitely worth it.

Now this little gem is a favorite storybook of The Little Bug, who we look very much forward to taking to New York City for her first visit sometime soon. It will definitely be a family treasure for years to come. Although it took a ton of work, I'm so glad I did it and that it means as much to The Man and The Bug as it did for me when I made it.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Cheers!

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makemyselfathome said...

If you do get out here before we leave, you'll definitely have to look us up! I loved recognizing different sights around the city from your photos. We did a similar thing on Picaboo for the summer we spent in Russia in 2008. It was inexpensive & it suited my lack of artistic talent well! The only downside is not being able to include tickets, etc., although I guess you could scan them. We're definitely planning on doing another, larger one for our year (or maybe more, who knows) in NYC!

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