01 April 2011

Fourth Grade & The Biography Shelf

When I was in fourth grade I somehow found the biography shelf in the school library. At first I picked out a few titles about people that were familiar to me and interested me. Then I decided to just make my way across the shelf. During the course of the year I read biographies on many American presidents, great inventors, humanitarians and adventurers. I particularly remember reading about George Washington Carver, Thomas Edison, Dolly Madison and President Lincoln and his wives. I read every one of the biographies. I still remember exactly where that shelf was in the library and how it looked.

I recently began picking up biographies at the local thrift store. I found one I was interested in that was brand new and just $4.99. I have been reading the biographies of former first ladies recently. It is so interesting to know all the great contributions they made, mostly behind the scenes to the people of our country. It is a tragedy that more of what they do is not publicized, rather than what they wear. What a more inspired country we would have!

It has been sweet to rediscover this passion of mine and remember so fondly my fourth grade reading list. Do you have a forgotten passion? Enjoy biographies? Have you read any biographies you particularly enjoyed? I'd love to hear!

Have a fantastic Friday. Can't believe it's the weekend again already!

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