28 June 2013

Kenneth Cole Refreshes Flat Sandals Scene For 2013

images via Kenneth Cole

Last week I happened to find a really sassy pair of Kenneth Cole flat sandals at Marshall's in San Diego.  I'm sure they are probably a last year's style but I have never seen then anywhere before so they're new to me and everyone I know. I wasn't looking for shoes, but when you're a hard to find size and you find something great you buy them. These bright green faux croc skin sandals with the funky little platform seemed like a great bit of spice to liven up summer outfits and with the thicker heel seemed like they would be much better for walking in than plan flat-flats.

I scooped them up not knowing quite how I would work them into my wardrobe. They did look super cute with jeans which I was wearing when I was in the store, so I thought if they look that great with jeans they'll work with just about any pants, skirt or dress.

That same day I snagged two tube top dress/skirts at my friendly neighborhood Navy base NEX store, one in diagonal bright blue and white stripes and the other in a tropical islandy print. I thought they would both be great with lightweight linens tops as maxi skirts for the summer. Bingo, the green sandals which I bought later that night look fantastic with both.

These are the kind of sandals that just up an outfit's game by a 100 percent. They can take so-so and make it look so put together. What a great deal for just $25! The photo doesn't do them justice at all, these are very hard to photograph and show them off without an actual foot in the shoe. But I hope you'll get the idea anyway.

So finding these gems got me interested in what else Kenneth Cole was doing in flat sandals and I thought I would share some of my favorites. These are all from the Spring 2013 collection. I really like how each of these basic styles have been revamped and refreshed to keep them interesting and new in fun colors and pattern combos. Each of these sandals come in a variety of colors too. You can see the entire Kenneth Cole sandal collection here.

27 June 2013

Loving Light Summer Meals

image via

I am really enjoying light summer meals this year. It seems meals have gotten especially delicious and simple these past few weeks. We eaten lots of fresh berries, corn on the cob, green beans, plums and large bags of red and green grapes too. There is something really delicious about ice cold grapes in summer. It seems most meals consist of a simple main dish and then bowls of fruit or big salads on the table.

Some of my favorite lunches lately have been cheese, crackers and fruit. Always so delicious. For dinners I've made a few simple dishes like macaroni and cheese, burgers or grilled turkey sandwiches with lots of cool, refreshing fruit or spinach salads with fruit. I have found that using the crock pot doesn't heat up the kitchen like turning the stove on does. I'm hoping to use it a lot more this summer for main dishes because our oven really overheats our small kitchen quickly.

Good summer eating reminds me so much of my childhood. Almost every night of the summer we would eat fresh vegetables brought straight in from the garden for dinner. Eating grocery store produce has never quite lived up to what we grew at home. Even now our home grown tomatoes are so deep red and meaty. I've never seen such gorgeous tomatoes as the ones we grow here on our balcony. I just revamped our balcony garden last week with another green pepper plant & a new bush tomato plant. They stay short and produce heavily so I'm looking forward to trying this very container-friendly variety of tomatoes. Hoping for a good harvest of herbs, peppers and tomatoes this year. I'm experimenting putting Epsom Salt around my plants. Here's the link to that info and a little more here. If your interested in small space gardening I have a great gardening board on Pinterest called Farmgirl Gardens.

The summer harvesting months go by quickly so I'm hoping to stay on this good track of delicious meals fresh from the vine. It's July soon, time for watermelon. However, I have no confidence in my watermelon buying skills, if you have any tips, please leave a note in the comments. Also share your ideas about great summer meals. I love more fun ideas. Happy eating!

26 June 2013

Great Meditations From YouTube

image via

I have been a big fan of meditation for a long time and I can tell you wholeheartedly that it has an amazing affect on me to up my energy, calm my body and help me press forward peacefully. When I meditate I do not sit in this position above. Instead I lie down on my back, body relaxed, with hands loosely at my side turned up in a slight cupping formation.

Right now I am trying to get into the practice of meditation morning, mid-day and night. So far that is a challenge but there are plenty of long and short meditations available, so it's easy to mix it up and it doesn't take much time. I used to do meditations sitting at my desk during the last few minutes of my lunch and had great success achieving a wonderful state of calm there.

I have been downloading and recommending meditations from iTunes for years but I've just recently tapped into how many amazing meditations there are available for free on YouTube. I have been experimenting and have yet to try one I didn't like. I thought today thought I would share one of them with you today.

Meditation To Create Abundance by Kelly Howell is a 30-minute meditation and perhaps the most powerful meditation I've ever done. When it ended I had a very beautiful, clear, powerful feeling about my life, my abilities and what I can accomplish.

I found it very easy to follow directions, get relaxed, stay in my groove, maintain a high energy level and focus throughout the 30 minutes. Of course the mind does wander occasionally but it's easy to bring it back. If you need a few minutes to gather yourself or are feeling a strong need to focus your energies this is a great meditation to try. If you try it, let me know what you think. I have a couple more to share and am going to keep experimenting all the time.

25 June 2013

Master Bedroom Inspiration From Home Goods

I've been thinking a lot about a master bedroom redesign for married couples. My current bedroom bedding has become quite outdated and worn and I am ready for a change. For a while now I've been thinking about dark blues and grays for the master bedroom. I like the restful feeling of that color combination and imagine a pop of color here and there to perk it up a bit.

I must be in need of inspiration because this is my second post in the last week about home interiors shops and "wandering inspiration" trips. It's funny, I was supposed to be going to Home Depot and totally drove past the street to Home Depot. So since I was really close I thought I'd pop into Home Goods for more wandering. I decided to focus my eye and camera on inspiration board items for that new master bedroom I keep imagining in my mind.

Home has a nautical, island-style theme already so infusing that into a master bedroom design seemed appropriate. I love the metal side table above, the bold blue pillows that I think would compliment gray bedding. The white lanterns would really stand out against dark blue walls and the gray and white baskets with a touch of yellow would be a pop of pattern and lightness to the space as well as create super storage options. 

I adore this small table stand globe, perfect inspiration for our adventurous souls. The sea glass colored lamps would bring in another beachy touch to the space and again look great against dark walls. The octopus and jelly fish prints might be a stretch but they do fit the theme and design style, if they weren't too dark for the walls. The bamboo handing lamp would tie in beautifully hanging over a reading nook corner.

This blue lantern might fit in nicely in the right space, maybe on a dresser or bathroom counter. I love the patina and shape. The curio shelf is the one thing I really wanted to buy on my trip, but it was a little out of my price range that day. I have been wanting something like that for a while to display very small trinkets that I have sprinkled around and in drawers. It would be a very interesting way to show off my little treasures.

The white fish is whimsical and fun, not too serious and would again look great against dark walls. The bedding photo is so bad, but it's a lovely dark gray quilt. I loved the color and the weight is just right for our weather here most of the time.

Whenever I go to Home Goods I walk around the store at least two or three times because I know I see different things each time I move down each aisle. It's so much fun to adventure around and see what all the other shoppers are drawn to as well. Hope you enjoyed this little Home Goods tour. I'm so glad I was able to pull together some concrete ideas for my future master bedroom makeover. Thanks Home Goods!

24 June 2013

One Day Of Rest Every Week

image by kalanicut

I thought this beautiful, restful photo would be a great inspiration for a post about taking a day each week to rest the weary soul. It is amazing to me how rejuvenating it is to take a day away from worldly pursuits, the stresses of daily life and to lay down worries and think on more important things.

I had such a great day yesterday attending church services and bonding with some really dear friends. It was one of those days full of meaningful conversations in the in between moments before the services began and in the breaks. Really good, valuable, inspiring conversations that lifted my wings and helped inspire me to continue on the good fight. Having relationships that do that for me are one of the greatest joys of my life and most valuable blessings.

I also took time to listen to inspiring messages at home in the afternoon while I took care of a few menial tasks. So inspiring not just because of what I heard, but perhaps more importantly, the thoughts that came to me about my life as a result of those things I heard. I was quite inspired about some current challenges I face. This would not have happened if I had not created some quiet time in my day and listened to inspiring words of others. Again more food for the soul and strength to carry on.

I also slept for a while. Very good for the soul. I have not been sleeping well this week, so catching up on much needed sleep this weekend was a great blessing to my well-being. Again, it's hard to nap if you don't create some quiet time to slow down and relax first. Starting a new week well rested makes a world of difference in how you feel on Monday morning.

Creating quite time and a window of peace and rest for our souls is of paramount importance to our health, our mental state and our effectiveness in life. Feeding the soul is as important as feeding the body. I appreciated my day this week to feed my soul through religious inspiration, connection with wonderful friends, listening to inspiring messages, listening to my own mind and heart and by resting. I feel more whole and better prepared for the week to come. Grand blessings all around.

21 June 2013

Wandering West Elm

When you live in Southern California there are certain things you just won't do during rush hour. One of those is making any long drives if they are not absolutely necessary. Why spend four hours doing something you can do in two hours if you wait until after rush hour?

Yesterday I was in San Diego on business and of course my day wrapped up at 4:30 and the thought of driving north in stop and go traffic was not super appealing. So I decided to wander around Mission Valley for a couple of hours until traffic had died down. That gave me a chance to do a peaceful wander through IKEA and then I headed over to West Elm to see what they were up to.

I thought I would share with you some of the delights at West Elm. Some favorite pillows, lighting, bedding and amazing storage units. The neutral color palette infused with bright summer colors and fabrics felt so fresh and inspiring. I loved all the silk pillows but the minute I touched them I imagined little people destroying them in seconds with grimy, greasy little fingers and spilled food. Maybe in a few years it will be a better time for silky pillows around the house. 

There were some really fantastic dressers. I love the mix of drawer faces and sizes in the one above. Planters and lanterns were abundant for bright summery touches for the home and outdoor space. They seemed to beckon for entertaining and gathering with friends to me. I loved the earthy feel of the entire store mixed with bright, warm, cheery color. A nice feel for summer 2013. Makes me want to plan a patio dinner party with children running in the yard. Now if we just had a yard...thankfully I can always head over to West Elm to dream a little.

all images by kalanicut

*Thanks West Elm for a mention on your blog!

19 June 2013

Quick Cleaning My House In 25 Minute Increments

image via

The past couple of weeks have been outrageously busy and the house has taken the brunt of the storm. So today I was determined to get some things done and tidy things up but I didn't want to spend the entire day cleaning house.

So I decided to set a 25 minute timer for myself several times throughout the day. That was I was working against the clock trying to get done as much as possible before I "had" to stop and do something else when the timer went off.

In my first increment I quick cleaned my bedroom and bathroom. Got most of the way done and boy did it feel a lot better in there. When I had a few spare minutes in a following 25 minute set I jumped in and finished up the bathroom countertop and mirror. I also gave my ring a good cleaning and washed my make up brushes. Something I don't do nearly often enough.

In my second 25 minutes, a couple of hours later, I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom. I have always hated to clean the kitchen, surely something I developed when I was a kid. But I have learned in recent years, as I am cleaning the kitchen many more times a day than I ever have before, that it only takes a couple of minutes to do most things in the kitchen. Speeding through them with a good attitude surely makes it a more positive experience. It also helps to not have parents looking over your shoulder the entire time, ha-ha.

In the early evening I tackled the living room. Straightened everything, vacuumed and put things away. Another pretty easy chain of small tasks that can happen quickly and easily. And you see quick results when you straighten and fix up pillows on the sofa, clear off the coffee table and clean the floor. Looking good there now.

I got most of the house cleaned today but didn't feel like I spent the entire day cleaning. In fact I even had time for a nap and to watch a little TV and still got lots of things accomplished throughout the day. Sometimes breaking big tasks down into little tasks makes doing big chores much more pleasant and things get done more quickly. It would've been a miserable day if I'd consigned myself to cleaning all day and I likely wouldn't have gotten any more done than I did.

Do you have a system to make housecleaning a more positive experience? I love learning new ideas. Please share in the comments!

18 June 2013

Recipes For The Summer Berry Season

image via

We have a good supply of berries in stores here in California for most of the year. In January and February the strawberry quality goes way down hill for a few weeks but we are so lucky to have easy access to beautiful, locally grown produce all year round. I have been enjoying summer meals which to me becomes very simple.

Lately we've been eating meals like chicken with strawberries, blueberries and grapes, or with a simple salad or fresh corn. Summer meals remind me so much of my childhood eating the bounty of the farm garden - MINUS the mountains of zucchini and yellow squash.

We had way too much squash when I was a kid and that fact that it grew cheap and easy and my Dad loved squash only made the appearance of it on the family dinner table more prevalent, it was almost nightly. Sigh. But I still remember happily waiting each summer for the fresh peas, green beans and corn to ripen and make their first appearances at dinner.

After making blueberry sauce for pancakes and waffles last week and fresh strawberry shortcake for dinner dessert recently, I have my eye on berry recipes and they seem to be everywhere right now. Here are a few favorites I thought I would share with you.

Do you have a favorite berry recipe or dish you crave every summer? Hope you find something here that will be fun to make for your next gathering or to feed your next craving.

14 June 2013

Fashion You Never Want To Throw Out

Last weekend I was looking at a very stylish blog and saw eyeglass frames very similar to a pair I held onto for years. I think I gave them away a couple of years ago. They are so back in style and mine were such a pretty shade of pink and looked cute on me back in the day when I was a wee young thing. I was so bummed that I don't still have those frames. If I did by chance have them still, I probably just piled the box they are into a storage unit 150 miles away.

This all reminded me of the lessons I have learned about things you hang onto and don't give away because they will be so much cooler when the look comes back and you have vintage! I remember hearing Ralph Lauren on Oprah once say that he keeps certain items that will come back in style again and how great it is to have vintage when the style comes back in. Then you have something amazingly stylish that others can't get.

So I thought I would share a short list of things I would keep if they still have good wear to them. My caveat to this conversation is this, items of low quality will generally not last a season or more, so if you're going to save things, buy high quality that will stand the tests of wear and tear and time.

1) Glasses frames. I have a good friend who has collected vintage and new frames for years and he has the best eyeglass wardrobe around. I love the idea of having a pair to fit your mood rather than just one pair for everything. I have been really good about keeping my old frames. I always splurged a little on frames so I have some very high end frames that will definitely come in again and maybe more than once in my lifetime. -- I have to confess that while I was typing this I had to stop and go look through my dresser on the off chance that maybe I DID have those frames and had tucked in my drawer. No luck, but I am going to keep looking because I have a feeling I may still have them.

2) Leather boots, loafers and sandals. I have a box of boots somewhere that I am saving. I also have major regrets about a few pair I did not keep. Shoes, like eye glass frames recycle fairly quickly. A high quality pair of leather shoes will last for decades if taken care of well and are easily repaired to overcome wear. I'm kicking myself for not keeping the cowboy boots I bought in Jackson Hole Wyoming in the 90s. Dumb to give them away.

3) Jackets, blazers and sweaters. A great jacket, sweater or blazer is hard to find. If you loved it once and it was something you wanted to wear all the time, consider keeping it. Jackets and blazers are some of the most loyal wardrobe friends. They pull everything together, style up simple outfits and keep you warm. What's not to love? Like frames and leather boots, jackets and blazers can be expensive. Even if you don't chose to wear one that comes back in style, you can always sell it! When it comes to wool jackets or sweaters be sure to protect them from moths.

Vintage Owl Necklace - Retro
iamge via 
4) Jewelry. Over the past couple of years I have so wished my mom still had that really cool owl pendant necklace she had in the 70s. It was so cool and I remember she kept it around for a long time. Jewelry doesn't take up much space and it's so easy to revive a seemingly tired piece by pairing it up with fresh new finds. I love combining necklaces which creates a totally unique look. I am guarding and saving my favorite pieces for the future.

What would you add to my little list? Do you have any favorites you've saved to wear again?

pink eyeglasses
cowgirl boots
owl necklace

13 June 2013

Updating My Dream Life Chart

Now that we have made it through some really big things the past 18 months, it seems fitting for me to revisit my goals, vision board and dream life chart. Last weekend I took a few minutes to start over with a fresh sheet of paper and create a dream life chart again. I thought it would help guide me towards a new vision board. I have been toying with a new vision board for a while and have mentioned it here quite a few times. But it just hasn't totally come together yet, so I decided to try a different approach. I was inspired by Drew Barrymore's Field of Dreams life philosophies I wrote about last week.

It might help to revisit a couple of past blog posts about dream life charts. Here is the post where I first created a Dream Life Chart. I had an amazing experience with that chart. My second Dream Life Chart taught me even more amazing and valuable lessons in simplicity. I let go of a lot.

So now a few years later, it was fun to attempt to start from scratch and see what I want for my life now. One of the things I decided to change was the title of this little document. Dream Life seems a little too out there, practically impossible. This time I called it MY Life. It is my life, it is what I want, it is possible.

That brought it all a little closer to home for me. Every time I create a life chart I have fewer and fewer elements I feel are critical to having the life I dream of. My 2013 chart only has eight elements. But they are deep, broad, important elements. I think this is the best suited to me right now.

I am craving more and more simplicity in my life. This is probably because being a blended family and with a man who has a crazy work schedule, tossed with the personal health challenges I have had the past couple of years, I am tossed and turned by a lot of outside elements in my life. I want to have a little more quite and a little more control over my schedule. Managing my health and well-being are of highest priority right now. The success of everything else in my life pivots on that axis.

It was great to sit back and take another look at my life, in 2013, and see where I am at and where I want to be. I'm thinking about how I can use my time more intentionally. That includes how I can create a warm home environment for my family and how I can spend more time with friends and extended family. Looking at my life today I see how much it has changed in the past few years and it also gives me a chance to take a more proactive approach to steering my life in the right directions.

Any new directions you are wanting to steer your life in? Are there things you've forgotten were important to you in the rush of every day life? If you try a My Life chart I'd love to hear how it goes. Warmest wishes for a beautiful day.

12 June 2013

DIY Projects In Review: What Didn't Work

Yesterday I posted about DIY projects I've done that I am still totally loving and have really worked for us. Today I thought I'd share a few that never worked quite perfectly.

The Cane Chairs. These chairs took way too much thought, money and work for the amount of "like" I had for them in the end. They've been pieces we use for lack of anything better. I think they look good for the most part but just never have loved them. They aren't too comfortable for tall people. I also killed the ivy plant there. I do love the cane/faux bamboo table. It's currently living in a storage unit until I need it again. It was one of the things I took out of the bedroom last month to open up the space. I'm enjoying open space more than furniture right now.

Ocean Wood Sign. I thought i would love this and guess what I did for a few weeks. Then it started bugging me and I have no idea why. Maybe it's the color combo, the font, I don't know. But I've been itching to change is for a long time. It came down off the wall and went into the closet quite a while ago. But there is a new project in there somewhere. A little sanding and a simple coat of paint and I have something completely different.

Workspace. First I have to qualify this by saying I LOVE my workspace. It still is so practical and so well thought out that I am really happy with the investment I made. Here's what doesn't work for me. This big colorful wall of bubbling energy is at the foot of my bed. It is hard to relax when you are staring at this hub of activity.

Not to mention that living in earthquake country, I am a little afraid of falling objects. Although we have seen a few and not one thing has ever fallen. I did line the upper shelf with a very grippy shelf liner to help hold things in place. I will long love this workspace, I would just rather not have it in the bedroom. I have a strong feeling about a bedroom being a place of calm and respite. But in an apartment you have to find ways to use every inch of space possible. Hopefully in the not so distant future, I can attach this workspace to a wall in a room that isn't a bedroom.

Fall Holiday Pumpkins. This project was a fail because in my infinite wisdom I made these a couple of months early and then stored them somewhere. Some time after Christmas I found them. Ugh! Sometimes working ahead and trying to keep track of stuff is too much. Maybe I'll get to use them next year.

Well, none of these were disastrous endings, but each one of them has given me pause to think and maybe do things differently going forward. It's good to look back and try to learn some lessons from past experiences. I'm itching for some projects but don't really have space for anything new and don't really need anything. I'm living vicariously looking at other blogs and enjoying their DIY projects. 

As much as I love to create, I am learning more and more that creative frenzy isn't something I want for my life and creating with no real purpose doesn't inspire me. So I'm learning to follow my creative vibe in my own way, at my own pace and for my own enjoyment. Seems so simple and yet it's full of interesting and sometimes challenging conversations with self.

11 June 2013

DIY Projects In Review: What Worked For Us

Over the past week or so I've been looking around the house thinking about different projects I've shared here on the blog. Some of them have had a very long life and really worked for the space and for us. Other's were fairly quickly thrown aside.

I thought it would be fun to share a few of the projects I've done that have worked. I'll do another post soon about project fails or things I've worked on that really didn't work for long. Here are some that we've loved even more once they were done.

The Bug's Headboard. The longer we have this headboard the more I love it and I think we'll keep this around for a good long time. Maybe The Bug will get it when she is grown and moves out on her own. It was a sad, tired little thing when I bought it. I love that The Man, The Bug and I all made very valuable contributions to the success of this project. It was fun to work together and we all loved the results. The headboard cost $15 and we probably put another $30 into with with paint, wood embellishment, new legs for the back, etc.

Beach Inspired Shell Art. I am happy every time I see these two simple pieces. They are so perfect for the space I created for and so easy to make. Total cost for both of these was less than nine dollars I think. Another late night project, grabbing some frames I already had, shells from my collection and paper from my scrap drawer. I used all the rest of my white starfish for this project.

The Orange Bench. The sturdy little five dollar purchased has been used for many things around the house. Right now it's in our front entryway. A little primer and paint made it a fun, colorful addition to any corner.

Kids Play Table. It's hard to believe The Bug has already outgrown this table. How did THAT happen? It's still in her room for now and occasionally she uses it, bit she's too big for the chairs now really. She's a tall little thing so she's better suited to a regular table now. But this is definitely a keeper. Hope we'll have use for it in the future for little visitors, friends, etc.

Are you catching a running orange and brown theme here. Ha. Yes, we seem to have a thing for that color combo. But of course these projects are all two to three years old now.

Framed Family Beach Photos. This is another project that I whipped up in a few minutes that has become a highly prized treasured keepsake. Thrift store frame and photos printed on regular paper in sepia tone. It seems like the projects that happen quickly and come together easily are the ones that last in value for me. I hope there's a lesson there that when there is a lot of uncertainty and I never feel quite right about my decisions that the project is probably going to be a fail.

A lot of people have talked to me about this project. For some reason Dads really like this project. I think they just don't know what to make of the insane number of stuffed animals little girls end up with. The Man really loved this when he got home. It does remove a large amount of clutter and make cleaning little girl's bedroom so much easier. It's also a fun game to go row by row and have to name every creature. The Bug and I have made a game of this some nights when we are lying on her bed. It's a challenge!

So that's my round up for today. Among other projects that have stood the test of time are wood and bamboo trays and my three dressers which I did years and years ago. Tomorrow I'm posting another DIY review talking about a few projects that ended up not working so well. Good lessons learned on these projects. Thanks so much for coming by today. Sending you very best wishes!

10 June 2013

Blueberry Waffles On A Sunday Night

image via

Last Friday I popped into the grocery store for some fresh food for the weekend. I realized our grocery store has some amazing Friday specials that I've been missing out on. So I bought a roast chicken and a big carton of both green grapes and blueberries.

We have a hard time finishing off a small carton of blueberries before they go bad, so I knew I needed to be diligent to use up a big carton of blueberries. With every meal over the weekend I've been putting out a bowl of grapes and blueberries. They go quite well with chicken and with tacos we found. Summer eating at its best. Simple meals, a bounty of flavors and colors.

Sunday night I decided we needed to use up a bunch of blueberries for dinner. I had a great blueberry syrup recipe last year but couldn't find it, so I did an internet search and boy am I glad I did. I found the most incredible blueberry sauce recipe. One of those meals where you swoon with every bite.

I found the recipe for Homemade Blueberry Sauce from Jamie over at My Baking Addiction. I also started following Jamie on Pinterest. I'm going to enjoy looking through her boards.

Anyway, back to that amazing blueberry sauce. I whipped it up and without any cornstarch in the house I didn't thicken it and just used it as a thin sauce over waffles. Then topped them with whipped cream and a handful of fresh blueberries. The Bug and I both were amazed at how good it all tasted.

The lemon juice and lemon zest were the key to this mouthwatering deliciousness. I'm definitely going to get this recipe in my files for keeps asap!  I had to pass the link along to this great recipe. If you try it, you will thank me!

06 June 2013

Guided Reiki Healing & Meditation

image via

I am trying out a meditation and Reiki healing I found online today. Thought you might be interested in it too. I have found Reiki and meditation very helpful in aligning and upping my physical energy. I'm quite in need of that after a very action packed last six weeks.

Want to know more about Reiki? Here's the scoop. You can check out the healing meditation and Reiki session right here. If you try it, please leave a comment and let me know what you thought. Let's compare notes!

Now I'm off for a nice relaxing few minutes to really get this day off to a nice start. Sending you good energy, wishes, peace and love.

05 June 2013

Overcoming Embarrassing Moments

image via

Last week I had a very embarrassing moment. It was a situation that I am usually pretty good at handing but felt I totally and completely botched. I was mortified that it happened but even more mortified that I stepped right into it without thinking enough. I'm sharing this only because I think we've all found ourselves in this situation occasionally and that you'll be able to connect with my journey. Maybe I'll feel less lame knowing you've been in my shoes.

Now I have to say I can get especially mortified about things. I always have taken certain embarrassments way harder than I should. But for the most part I am really good at laughing things off. Like the day I tripped in front of the glass walled gym at my office. Not only did I stumble, but I continued to stumble for the entire length of the glass wall, getting my balance and avoiding falling on my face at the last possible moment. There were people in the gym and all over in the building who saw me. One of the trainers at the gym, to add insult to injury came running out and yelled after me, "Are you okay?!" So then everyone who didn't see it was well aware of my embarrassment. I quickly said, "Oh yeah, I'm fine." and proceeded to walk as fast as I could to the elevators where the doors would close on my humiliation. I was able to laugh that off and even though I was embarrassed, it didn't haunt me.

This embarrassment last week haunted me and it still haunting me even though I'm working my way through it trying to be rational. But I could not control my obsession with it the rest of the the day, then the next day I still had to talk myself down off the ledge of humiliation. I found myself beating myself up about it, reviewing the situation over and over in my mind.

I think sometimes this is one of those things that separates men and women. I think women obsess about these things more than men do. Maybe men are able to let it go with other distractions sooner? It's silly but I haven't spoken to anyone about this experience I had because it's just too humiliating to me. I don't like what it says about me and my personal awareness -- and that is something I've always prided myself in.

So I will have to keep working this out by myself and making this a lesson in getting over it. I have to quit worrying about what the person I was with thinks of me or how they might judge me. So what if they do, I really didn't know that person all that well anyway. I'll either never see this person again OR I will have the chance to rectify the bad first impression I made in future encounters. Either way it's no reason to cause myself so much stress and grief for a week afterwards. Dealing with humiliation and embarrassment seems to be a lesson we continue to have to learn throughout out lives. I suppose it keeps you real, grounded and centered. Whatever the lessons, I'm trying to learn them and move on as fast as possible.

04 June 2013

Tuesday Quick Tip: Removing All The Stains

image via NewCheapBuy.com

When my husband ran to the store the other day I blurted out, can you buy me some stain remover and I listed a specific brand that we usually use. He returned a few minutes later with Tide Boost, which wasn't the brand I requested. Apparently our usual brand was sold out.

I am so glad he did. I have felt a bit half-hearted about the stain remover I had been using for a while and didn't feel like it was doing all I wanted it to. I had a great shirt to test out Tide Boost on. A brand new white linen shirt with bicycle grease and tire marks across the front of it.

I sprayed it on a few minutes before I threw the shirt in the wash. I was impressed that almost immediately I could see the stain releasing from the fabric. The color and density of the stain began changing almost immediately. I was thilled to pull the shirt out of the washer a while later and see absolutely no sign of the stains. Hooray, shirt saved!

I also tried Tide Boost on one of The Bug's shirts. She had spilled orange ice cream treat all over the front of it. It has already been washed once and the stains were still completely visible. Once I covered the stains with Tide Boost I was thrilled to pull it out and see no visible stains at all.

So that's my Tuesday Quick Tip. If you have people who make stains, and who doesn't, you might want to try Tide Boost along with Tide detergents. Real Simple recommends it too. I am very pleased and impressed with results. I love doing laundry and taking care of my clothes so knowing I have a new weapon in my stain removal arsenal is pretty exciting.

03 June 2013

Inspiration For Building Your Life

image via PicsToPin

I heard a little inspiration from Drew Barrymore that got me thinking. She was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey for OWN's Next Chapter series. I loved what Drew said and I was so inspired by what a survivor she is. She's come a long way from being a pre-teen drug addict! If she can survive that and find peace, happiness and success in life it should inspire the rest of us about what we can do too.

She talked about buying a house that she envisioned someday having a family in. This was before she met her husband, they were married or had a child. She said it was kind of a Field of Dreams "If you build it, they will come" moment for her. So she began to build that life she wanted. I love that. I have tried to live that way but perhaps over the past few years have wobbled a bit in my resolve.

So with a few things I really wanted to accomplish in the coming year seeming a little far-fetched at this point, I resolved to plan for them anyway and let them come to me without knowing exactly how or when that will happen. She said you can set up your future without knowing how or when it's coming. But putting yourself in a position to be ready for it is amazing I think.

images via OMG Yahoo

Barrymore began to make lifestyle changes that would be more in accordance with the life she really wanted.  She said she wanted a quieter life. So she began to shift her priorities, began to focus on creating a home and being at home more. I love how she expressed it, she said she wanted life to quiet down. She wanted a healthy, safe family environment. It was sweet to see Barrymore with her baby Olive, happily married to a kind man and settled down just as she'd hoped. 

Another thing that really inspired me is that she had this very clear idea that "It's not going to be perfect, but it is going to be GOOD." I think that's a fantastic way to look at life. Too often we hang on to these ideas about our future that are pure fantasy without any reality. It will never be the perfect picket fence life we conjure up in our heads. How could it ever be? But no matter what, it can be GOOD!

Great inspiration from Drew Barrymore. You can see video clips of Drew and Oprah here.
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