19 April 2011

Glasses Cases Are Here

Glasses cases are now in stock! Love these colors and love how these turned out. Had so much fun brainstorming with our friend at the fabric store about what color I should do for the tags this time. Love the gray with pink combo and how it works with each of these colors. And all these materials have a felt lining so they're extra gentle on the lenses.

Green Olive


Robin's Egg

Glasses cases are $12. As a special promotion for kalanicut readers for the next week (ends April 25 at midnight PDT) you can enjoy FREE shipping & handling on any purchase of two or more bags or cases. So if you buy two or more glasses cases or a glasses case and a toiletries bag or two or more toiletries bags -- I will pay the shipping/handling fees

Here are all the details on the new toiletries bags.

To order, just email me at kalanicut at hotmail dot com and let me know what you'd like to purchase. You can pay via paypal or check - or cash if we meet in person. Thanks again for your support and interest in my designs. Hope you enjoy the new glasses cases!


Anonymous said...

hello fellow dreamer! thanks for stopping by my blog. how lovely to 'see' you there. i followed your comment back to here and am so delighted! yay for you! yay for beautiful glasses cases and all the many many juicy things to be found here! yay for dreaming!

Karen said...

Hi Kalani, I am going gaga over these. LOVE them! Especially the blue! Can I preorder and send you a check in the mail? We'll be out to L.A. in July and I can pick up then. Karen

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