15 April 2011

Australia Bound Package

Happy, happy Friday! I thought I would share with you a little package I sent off to Australia two weeks ago. It should've arrived by now, so hopefully I'm not ruining any big secrets. -- Donna if you're reading this and haven't gotten the package leave this post immediately. Ha-ha. This was all part of a blogger's I Heart Collection trade put together in early March by the lovely Danni, of Oh, Hello Friend.

The basic gist was you could list little things you like to collect and then trade lists with someone in the US or anywhere in the world. You would each spend $10-15 purchasing a few things on the list for your trade partner to add to their collection. Then came the tricky part -- the biggest part of the challenge was that creative wrapping was highly encouraged - expected.

My trade partner was Donna from DonnaHeart. Donna is a lovely artist from Australia and here is her collection list: vintage bottles, vintage children's story books, ribbon, tea towels, and miniature art work (4 x 4"). I found a beautiful little blue vintage bottle and a vintage Golden Books story book at the antique store. Then I added a spool of colored ribbons and one of my small toiletries bags. I wanted to do a little piece of art, but budget and time ran out. If  Donna shares a photo of the items on her blog and I'll link to it.

I thought it would be a nice touch to include something I'd made (toiletries bag) and something that was particular to my neck of the woods. So at the antique store I looked for vintage post cards from my local area. Found this beautiful card of the beach near here.

Then to take it all up a notch I wrapped all the little gifts in cellophane, added a pretty bow and tied the beautiful post card to the front. Here is my gift all wrapped up and read to send off to Australia. I must apologize for the photos. I did all this at night and did the best I could in a bad lighting situation. Hopefully you still get a feel for the project.

I am also awaiting a package in return from Donna - I had a slip in the mailbox yesterday. Once the package arrives, I'll share what was on my list and what delights Donna has sent from the land down under. This was a fun adventure. It was a treat to head out to places I don't normally go to find particular things for Donna's list. I'll definitely do it again if I get the chance.

You can check out Donna's artwork and her fabulous blog here. She posted a very entertaining and inspiring piece last week about an art retreat she attended on a few weeks ago. You'll enjoy it, especially the part about the attacking Kookaburras. Not a problem we have here in the States.

You'll also enjoy a wander through Oh, Hello Friend. Danni's layout is so beautiful and there are so many delights to enjoy. You can check out all the details of her recent wedding here.

 Have a great weekend! Enjoy the adventure!

images by kalanicut

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