27 September 2010

Styling Up a Thrift Store Sweater

This is the darling organic sweater I found at the thrift store a few weeks ago that I have told you about. It's so absolutely delicious, isn't it? Perfect for fall and in a fabulous earthy neutral that goes with absolutely everything. Darling with skirts, jeans and boots. And since The Little Bug keeps repeating the phrase, "I'm a boot girl" it will be perfect with all her boots this fall and winter.

I found a great new button that I'll add onto the top of the sweater and I'll move the top one down to the spot that is missing it's button right under the belt. This project taught me two important things. First, there are a million different possibilities for belts on this sweater. I bought ribbon to make a couple of cute belts. After looking at some ridiculously expensive belt buckles I learned my second lesson. Lesson two has become a new passion for me. Thrift store belts and belt buckles.

So after spending more than I should have on a belt buckle and ribbon for two new belts, I ended up styling the sweater with two new thrift belt finds. I went to a fantastic new thrift store last week and could've spent hours there. There were hundreds of belts. Even if the belt isn't right, if it has a fantastic belt buckle you can easily craft a new belt from ribbon, fabric or leather. I'm having lots of belt ideas and visions right now!

I found this fantastic little utilitarian military style belt and new it would be fantastic with the sweater. This will be great for days when the sweater is worn with lots of color, pattern and layers. Love that the belt is completely adjustable. It will be darling worn in jeans too. Great deal for a couple of dollars.

Ribbon and fabric belts are a great way to style up this little gem. This pink striped ribbon drives little girls wild. With a darling D-ring bamboo buckle it's the perfect mix of girly-girl and down to earth. The Bug loved this belt and it looks so cute with the sweater. Another great option for a couple bucks.

What have you found lately at the thrifts? Please share. I love the inspiration!


sonyamacdesigns said...

Hey girlie, I've noticed you in class and I just wanted to let you know, I think your thoughts and positions are strong and right on point. U go girl. I have been thinking of creating stockings for christmas out of found sweater sleeves ... U know, the one's that the body of the sweater is no longer useful!

kalanicut said...

Aw, Sonya, thanks SO much.You made my day and it's a slow moving, tired Monday, so inspiration is MUCH appreciated. I have a bunch of shrunken wool sweaters from thrift stores that I've been saving for some winter projects. Too bad we can't get together for a sweater project day!

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

Very clever and cute Kala...I'm lovin' the belts and the two looks! So funny too because I just bought five vintage belts at a yard sale for a dollar each...two were vintage liz claiborne skinny's from the seventies (?)! Was so thrilled too because last month I paid ten dollars for ONE skinny belt from H&M...it seemed reasonable at the time and I "needed" it to complete an outfit! That sweater is amazing by the way...
P.S. I am love love lovin' your entire blog!!!

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