04 March 2011

The Ultimate Birthday Gift

The Bug turns five in two weeks. I found the ultimate perfect birthday gift last night for a little girl who loves clogs and spends at least half her day speaking of dinosaurs. They're on sale at Cape Clogs for just $20! Amazing. Of course there was another sale pair with flowers that were so cute that I have to get them for her as well. But I'm getting them in a bigger size because you never know when she's going to suddenly grow two sizes.

Tonight I also found her a pair of classic white Converse Jack Purcells for $19 at our neighborhood Marshalls. She has no sneakers right now because she lost that super cute pair with the sparkly rhinestones on the toes a few weeks ago. Darn it. Could not pass up the Jacks, especially since I have a pair of white Jacks myself. She'll like that.

image from Finish Line

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