09 August 2010

What Condition Are Your Eye Makeup Tools In?

UPDATE:  An impromtu giveaway popped up just minutes after this was posted. See comments below and then enter. First five people to enter will WIN a kc design makeup bag.

A few weeks ago I experienced something that is always completely nerve-rattling for me. The mere words give me fits of anxiety. Photo shoot. There's something about the words photo shoot that cause meltdowns in me.  I've done plenty...family, individual and professional. I am always a wreck the first few minutes but eventually can just relax and smile.

I had a photo shoot with my photographer sister over Fourth of July weekend. My two sisters had much more fun planning and executing this thing than I did, doing makeup, wardrobe and lots of advising. I always learn something on a photo shoot and this time it was a reminder to me about caring for makeup tools. Nothing I didn't know but something I needed a course correction on.

My sisters both own 2-3 times larger and more importantly better makeup collections than I do .Looking at their tools, I realized that my make-up brushes, although good quality, had fallen into bad shape. Some had broken, some had been lost. I hadn't been cleaning them regularly.

Inspired, I went out this past week and bought this little travel set of brushes and a new eyelash curler from Sonia Kushuk at Target. I've been convinced for some time that curled eyelashes and a good moisturizer instantly take 10 years off one's appearance. I desperately need an eyelash curler.

 I also committed to start cleaning them regularly and was pleased to see how different brush cleaning products are now available. I'm excited to start using the new brushes as well as the new eye shadow palettes I bought.

How are your make up tools? Are you taking good care of them? Are they in good shape? Do you have all the tools you need to apply shadows, liners and mascara? It's a good time to evaluate and "brush up" on what you need.


Christy Cropper Photography said...

Let's do a "what's in your bag" photo submittal!
I'm going to photograph all my makeup and gear, just for funzies!

kalanicut said...

I'm totally up for that! Would you like to be first?! I will go second. Send me your photos and any commentary you like. It's your turn to GUEST blog!

And everyone else, please join it. This could be FUN! Who's next!

kalanicut said...

Send your photos and descriptions to kalanicut@hotmail.com. Looking forward to it. :)

rychelle said...

i don't have anything in my bag, except for burt's bees lip balm.

i really need a make up tutorial from the book club girls!

The Black Widow said...

Oh, I like this and am also slightly embarassed by what the photograph will look like.

f*bomb. said...

I take excellent care of anything I own (I was always taught it was a sign of gratitude and appreciation). That being said, most of my makeup and tools are inherited 2nd hand items from former roommates. I take care to clean them fairly regularly, but the quality of anything I own make-up-related is pretty questionable.
So there's my question:
Does quality/brand really matter when it comes to makeup and tools?

LaSchelle said...

I had a similar experience on Saturday to Kalani's and wake up call to "TAKE CARE OF YOUR NICE STUFF". I was going to a wedding and went to put on my makeup and was half way through when I realized a Bare Escentuals Eyeliner--one of my favorite colors (Coffee Bean)--only had the base. That means the entire contents of the loose minerals are now coating the inside of the makeup bag and all over the outside of the rest of my stuff. (I think it must have come undone on my trip home from Canada.)UGHH! Huge mess!

Oh, I was babysitting my nephews so I wasn't at home and got it on her counter too. I washed out some of my brushes, yes I've invested in expensive ones that I used to take care of but have been too busy to keep them clean the last couple years, and wiped up some of the containers.

Needless to say, I still haven't finished cleaning them. Some of the containers are still messy so you inspired me to finish the clean up.

I just took photos, so I'll send them. Interested to see what people submitted. PS I have Coffee Bean all over my fingers, my desk and probably on my camera too!

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