08 August 2011

Extending My Magazine Values

Happy early Monday morning! Just finished a very busy weekend. I've been working on some written documents I needed to get finished and making a few refreshes to the home. Friday night late I reorganized a bunch of filed papers. Saturday I went to IKEA, Lowe's and TJMaxx looking for some home decor values. As usual I didn't find everything I was looking for and found some things I didn't expect to find.

My living room curtains have been poorly hung for some time since The Bug pulled them down curling up in them. Since then they've never been quite right. I didn't like how I hung them in the first place so at 12 AM Saturday morning when I had some "free" time I decided to try to rehang the rods, sheers and curtains while being quiet enough that I didn't bring angry neighbors or the apartment manager to my door. I succeeded and they look better than they ever did before. Hoorah!

I also picked up a better mat to put under our bicycles which are stored in the corner of our apartment. I  cleaned and reorganized the kid's art department and added a shelf I picked up at IKEA for $2.50. Crazy deal, right? Great for art supplies, a few pre-school books and a lamp.

I flipped the dining room table the other direction which I like a thousand times better than I ever thought was possible. Somehow turning it the completely illogical direction makes the room feel much larger and roomier. How's that for weird?!

I feel like I was much busier than that, but now that I think about it, I was. I also packed in a couple of fun meals with one of my favorite people, worked on a couple of holiday craft projects which I'll show you soon, visited a darling friend on her last vacation day in town, went to church and a baptism, cleaned the kitchen a couple of times and cleaned up the big mess I made with all the tools and things I got out for my little projects.

While I was organizing things I realized I still had a stack of magazines I had conveniently put in a corner behind a chair. When I went through them I realized these magazines still have a huge amount of reading value. There is so much good reading material for all areas of life. I had already thrown out the junk magazines. I decided instead of spending money on any new magazines for a while to throw one of these in the purse for reading when I have a few minutes here and there. It'll be like they're new all over again. They are now moved in next to my bed and can't wait for all the inspiration: great recipes, home decor ideas, fashion basics, etc.

Do you hang onto old magazines? Do you actually every go back and read them? What do you do with your discarded magazines?

image by kalanicut


Melanie said...

Hi Kalani, did you see that: http://www.menschenskind-blog.de/2011/07/05/njustudio-hockenheimer/? I think that's a brilliant solution for those old magazines! ;)
xoxo, Melanie

Sally W. said...

Hi Kalani!! When I first go through my magazines, I fold corners down on the pages that interest me, but that I don't have time to thoroughly peruse at that given moment. Then, before the next batch arrive, I flip through the pages that I marked, see if there is still interest, and then tear the pages out for ease of transportation in the purse or filing. Then the magazine is recycled. I'm trying to cut back on paper and Pinterest is really helping there!!!! Love, Sally

knack said...

I save all of my old magazines! I love to go back through them and see things I missed the first ten times I looked through them:)

Sounds like you had a super productive weekend! So glad you were able to get so much done! I know that feels great!


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