22 October 2010

52 Weeks of Creative Projects

Loved this post by Bird on Bramble. A list of 52 creative projects she is going to do over the next year. This got me totally inspired to create my own list. So far I'm only up to 10 items, but here they are:

1) Learn to play my gorgeous striped wood Ukelele. I think I need to take a class.
2) Learn to Screen Print. There are a zillion tutorials about this online and I still haven't done it. Maybe for Christmas. Mmm, here's an idea percolating....
3) Make a quilt. It's ridiculous that I haven't done this yet. Ridiculous.
4) Make something with felted wool I've collected. Again the winter would be the perfect time to do this.
5) Explore a new museum. Easy, tons around. But now I need to reach out a little farther geographically to new ones - or when I'm visiting other cities.
6) Take a jewelry making class. I'd love to learn to solder and wire wrap.
7) Make a skirt and sew a groovy applique on it. Easy.
8) Make an Advent Christmas Garland.
9) Make Christmas Cards. I'm pressing to get this going ASAP in keeping with my get done early goal.
10) Take a CCP photography class. She offered, I need to follow up.

Can I come up with 42 more things? I have a feeling I can. I need to maintain a steady diet of creative projects. It keeps me sane and happy. Unfortunately I can't do a piece of furniture or other home decor every week because that would be my first choice, but I'm out of space for any of that. Darn it.

Anyone want to join in? It's going to be a lot of fun. Happy Friday! Have a fantastic weekend! Thanks for coming by and for supporting kalanicut!


Christy Cropper Photography said...

I want an advent Christmas garland!

kalanicut said...

I'll trade you for a photography class. :) And I'll make you something else if you will take new photos of me when I see you next week. Little photo shoot por favor?

Kelly said...

Ok, let me know when you're going to try #2 - screenprinting. I want in on that one. :-)


Creativity breeds creativity . . . this has always been true for me. So, thanks for the inspiration. I'll have to ponder my 52 ideas . . . next month in my new condo in Chicago.


kalanicut said...


Let's get together and do the screenprinting. That would give me the courage to do it and I'd love someone else along to help me figure it out.

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