28 March 2011

I Think I'm In Love - Z Gallerie Bedding

I didn't even know ZGallerie had bedding. And then I found this. It's reversible. It's delicious. Right now I have a very peaceful palette in my bedroom: dark brown, robins egg blue and white. I've been debating about pulling in some serious color and leaving my zen-spa look behind. I'm so torn. Cheery and lively versus peaceful and calm. This bedding decision dilemma has been going on for too long. At some point I need to make a decision.

ZGallerie also has some beautiful gray, white, charcoal, aquamarine and apple green bedding sets that are so delicious. ZGallerie never ceases to surprise and impress me with their product lines. I'm jumping back over to check out what beautiful new things they have for summer. Last year they blew my socks off. Here are a few other posts I've done on ZGallerie: Summer Sale, Spree and Dogs.

1 comment:

Kar said...

Oh Kalani I know!!!!!! Isn't it divine???? I was actually going to do a post on it myself! Trying to decide if I should get the orange or aqua...either way it's amazing bedding and I'm in love!!! Love that whole moraccan tile type print!!!

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