11 March 2011

Friday Catch Up

image from Purple House Press

It's Friday unbelievably. It came so fast. I finally got my computer last night. Very happy about that. Now I can start editing photos and catching up on projects I desperately needed my laptop for.

The Elfa Shelves are up. I'm working on the editing, curating and organizing now which is turning out to be more challenging than expected. Some things will not work as I had hoped and other things are being added in. I am really happy that I have a place to hide that darn air purifier. I love what it does for the room but I have hated looking at it on my dresser for the past 2+ years. My new printer is ready to be set up tomorrow on it's lovely out of sight shelf. I even have a spot for my paper cutter, so I'll actually use it! Hooray.

On the health front, I am finally getting my energy back and my ear is doing quite a bit better. It's still rings and buzzes and is a challenge in a noisy space or any place with layers of noises. I can still feel the hole in my ear drum, but I feel like things are getting better. It's nice to be beginning to forget what it felt like to be so sick and have so many problems with my ear.

Lastly. The Little Bug turns five on Monday. This is a little freaky since she was half her size about five minutes ago. We are going to have a great time celebrating her birthday with her. I have been looking forward to the day I could introduce her to Laura Ingalls Wilder and Little House in the Big Woods as part of marking the beginning of a very monumental age. I thought she might be a little too young, but every night she's in her pajamas, with her blanket, in my chair in the living room with the book in hand just waiting for me to finish the dishes. She is completely entranced.

I'm tickled pink about that. I still remember when I was very young, every time I had saved up four dollars I had enough to buy the next Little House book at the bookstore at the new mall near my home. These are very meaningful memories from my childhood and I hope the adventures of Halfpint will be for The Bug too.

Should be a fun weekend. Hope you have a great one too!



Ah, reading favorite books to our kids . . . one of my favorite things in the world.


Kelly said...

Hope you have a great weekend! I am also trying to reorganize some shelves, so I feel your pain. But I know it's going to turn out great. Good luck!

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