03 March 2011

Inspiring Conversations on Simplicity

I made this little note to myself to hang on my inspiration board last week after reading these conversations. Jenny at The Little Green Notebook started a lively discussion about how blogs are creating an environment where we feel things are out of style once we've seen them done on a few blogs and we're ready to throw the look out already. You can catch up with it here. A lot to think about if you've ever had such thoughts.

Soon thereafter Joslyn at Simple Lovely and Operation Simplicity wrote of the beautiful concept of decorating for the long haul. At the same time Steph of Stephmodo shared some easy tips to make Craigslist shopping much less time consuming and overwhelming. Such a great way to make use of things that have others no longer have need for and save money. Steph also wrote about minimalism in this inspiring post.

I'm already thinking a lot about simplicity this year, by force and by desire. I love what these inspiring ladies and their commenters had to bring to these conversations. It's so easy to get caught up trying to keep up with the Joneses. How much more beautiful to buy what you really need that is fashioned in a way that you like, that is authentically you - rather than the latest thing you've seen on someone else's blog or in someone else's living room.

Yes, be inspired and apply their ideas to your needs and adapt them in ways you love. But don't get caught on a hamster wheel where you feel you should be redecorating your entire house every six months or feel you must be wearing $400 shoes when you can realistically only afford $40 shoes. There are plenty of lovely $40 shoes out there.

Can we slow down? Can we enjoy the little things? Without simplicity and stillness it is hard to truly enjoy one's life. Has simplicity been on your mind lately? How is that affecting how you live your life, enjoy your life? What areas are you beginning to simplify?

Hope you have a simple, peaceful weekend full of serenity. Yes, it's Thursday, but I call that Weekend Eve, the weekend reveling starts at 5 pm tonight - even though you might have to "pop" into work for a bit tomorrow.

photo by kalanicut

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