31 March 2011

Pier One Spring Delights

Stopped in at Pier One to see what exciting things they had going for Spring. They have a fantastic collection of upholstered chairs in the cheeriest colors and designs. It's a guarantee that any time I walk into a Pier One I will fall in love with the giant pillow wall. I'm like Homer Simpson seeing donuts. "Pill-ooooooows."

This bright, shiny key holder also caught my eye. Would be so fun inside the front door. I love key holders and having a place to gather all the keys, but my one fear is always that if anyone was to break into your house, it's basically a offer for them to take your cars and everything else that requires a key that you own. That makes me nervous.

If you are looking for some bright new things to spruce up the feeling of your house for Spring, Pier One is a great place to start. They have beautiful, colorful things for the kitchen, patio, and all throughout the house. It's a good resource for mantle and shelf decor too with a great selection of candles, candle holders and more. Sometimes changing the look and feel of home is as easy as a few fresh flowers, a colorful new frame or two and a bright cheery pillow here and there.

How are you sprucing thing up for Spring? Are you changing things up a lot of just adding a few touches of color here and there? Hope you are enjoying the refreshing change of seasons wherever you are. Happy Thursday.

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