14 March 2011

A Soothing Weekend

It's been a busy, productive, fun few days. The Bug got her dinosaur clogs and went cuckoo for them as expected. She was so cute walking around the house in them. Her face when she opened up the box and saw them was priceless. I love mine too. Best of all I love the bronze. We also have the twin headboard almost finished. Just need to paint a strip of trim and topcoat it. We, actually SHE, picked the cutest flip-flops woodcut for the top of the headboard. We painted them orange with white straps and pink & yellow flowers. Looks cute against the dark brown wood.

I hit a BIG flea market and made a trip to IKEA. Heroic effort in one day if I say so myself. Amazingly I bought nothing at the flea market although I'm wishing I had purchased a few rustic wood carved pineapples I looked at. I've decided maybe I should collect them, but I'll have to wait for another day.

At IKEA however we ended up spending much more than expected when it was decided to buy shelves for the second bedroom, we bought more plants (good for the air!) which needed pots and just as we were leaving we decided to check out the As-Is section and "unfortunately" found the most fabulous big red bookcase.

I've been trying to get rid of furniture that takes up a lot of floor space but doesn't give much vertical storage so this should allow for that and will replace a smaller, less efficient bookcase which can be moved to another room. So instead of just coming out with a couple of baskets and kitchen implements as I had planned, I made a big leap towards making the apartment more efficient, comfortable and welcoming. This is good, I'm excited.

With all the projects currently going and all the associated hand washing to remove paint and other gooey stuff, my hands have been really chapped for a few weeks. No matter what I put on them, nothing was helping. I decided to try Burt's Bee Hand Salve last week. I am super impressed. My hands are soft and the salve is not too greasy for me. The backs of my hands and my cuticles look so much better, don't hurt and are much healthier. The salve smells incredibly soothing too. I recommend it highly if you find yourself with chapped hands.

I'm starting Mondo Beyondo class again today. You may recall I started it just a couple of days before I went into the hospital, so the teachers were kind enough to allow me to join the new session. I am looking forward to all the thinking and learning that will take place over the next few weeks. If you are interested in joining the class it's not too late. I'd love to have a friend along! Have a fantastic Monday. I'll have another new post later today.

image from Burt's Bees

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wishful nals said...

sounds like a great, restorative weekend! :)

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