22 March 2011

Found Objects Art Project

Saturday we spent the day at our favorite beach. We didn't have our beach toys with us but found lots to do. First we grabbed a plastic bag from the car and walked the entire length of the beach filling the bag up and emptying it four times. Due to the high tides from the Japan tsunami there was some unusual material on the beach.

We found a lot broken bamboo poles, pieces of fiberglass, wood along with the regular plastic sheeting, ribbons that were once tied to balloons, bottle lids and other trash. The Bug had a great time and did a great job helping clean up. I kept a rectangle piece of wood that looks like it was a door to a cupboard at some point. It has a perfectly weathered painted patina and had "future art project" written all over it.

Then we played. The Bug of course picked up things she carried a long way. We thought there was a piece of blue plastic in the sand and much to her delight it turned out to be a sand shovel. We also accumulated a few sticks and shells. Then an impromptu art project began. Here are a few shots of what can be done with a few strands of sea weed, sticks and shells. As a former children's art program founder I am very fond of creativity on the fly and allowing children to find art in simple, everyday things.

She had so much fun doing this and it didn't cost a dime. No craft supplies, no glue, no entrance fee to an expensive craft studio class. Just raw imagination and the gifts of Mother Nature. A beautiful day. Hope you're having a fantastic Tuesday.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

I'm glad you got some beach time in despite the weather. This looks so magical -- reminds me of all the best parts of childhood. :-)

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