07 March 2011

Let's All Detox

This weekend I went through my personal library as I prepare to organize my favorite, inspiring books in my new workspace. I found Detox for Life: Detox Your Mind, Body, Relationships and Home by Josephine Collins and enjoyed a nice wander through its pages.

After my computer was attacked by a virus on Saturday and had to be taken immediately to the computer hospital for treatment, I started getting a little stressed. Stressed about the added cost, not having my computer accessible, how difficult it would be to blog this week without it and the fear of what may be lost on my laptop even though I have been pretty good about backing things up. Money that had been budgeted for other projects now had to be funneled into computer repairs -- all because some evil computer geek has to have some fun and jack up other people's computers and try to rip them off by getting their credit card info in the process. Ergh.

So, I needed some calming down and Detox for Life was the perfect reminder. The photos by London Photographer Polly Wreford are calming, inviting and encouraging. Collins' guide to reducing stress throughout one's life is full of guidance on how to make a detox plan and put it into action. There are action lists for creating more calm, eating better, creating a good spirit in the home, having more harmonious relationships and organizing the home. This is a great book to peruse on a Saturday afternoon and a great guide to finding the harmony and peace we all seem to crave so much.
Josephine Collins has also written a book called Your Home As A Sanctuary that looks really lovely - and who doesn't want their home to feel like a sanctuary. I love the idea of home feeling like a retreat, safe haven and place of protection for the body and soul. This is my goal and I can use all the help I can get.

Check out Polly Wreford's website to see her portfolio of absolutely stunning images. You'll enjoy your visit there. Have a great Monday.

cover photo by Polly Wreford

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MD Interior Design said...

It can be very confronting can't it, when we realise just how addicted and how attached we can become to the internet and our blogs?!

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