25 March 2011

It's Raining Again - Okay, I Give

all images from Zappos

It's raining again. This is the fourth or fifth day of rain in a row. I've been soaked to the skin several times already. We've had to cancel plans again and again due to the weather. These are not acceptable conditions when one lives in "Sunny Southern California!"

Living in the desert as I do, where it generally either rains twice a year or rains really hard continuously for two weeks in January, I never felt like I needed real rain gear. Certainly not a pair of rain boots. But after the wettest winter I've ever seen in California, I am regretting my initial instinct to buy galoshes in December.

I've decided I'm going to do everyone a favor and buy rain boots and a rain coat I actually like. This will guarantee that it will never rain again in California -- we'll have nice weather forever and those cute boots and jacket will sit in my closet never used or saved just for trips to the north and east. Here are the boots that caught my eye. I'll do another post on great raincoats soon. I'm just going to bite the bullet and invest once and for all.

1. Sperry Top-sider Pelican Boot
2. Bogs Anne
3. Michael Kors Stormy Granite Boots
4. Gabriell Rocha Argyle Teal Grey
5. Hunter Watling Green
6. Dirty Laundry Roxette
7. Sorellington Graphic Peatmoss Natural
8. Sperry Top-sider Pelican Navy Tattersal

Hope your Spring weather is more enjoyable than ours and hope it's a lovely Friday. I'm meeting a lovely friend for lunch. It will be great fun to catch up with her.  I'm working on the last round of reorganization in my room. Moving a few pieces of furniture around, doing one more cleanse. Hope to get a sunny enough day to take a few photos to post here very soon. Have a great weekend!


Traveling Mama said...

The one thing we get plenty of here in Denmark is rain! I love these boots! Danes wear their rain boots all the time... either that, or snow boots! :-)

Design Elements said...

"once and for all" :-) i like them all. happy Friday

suburban mom said...

It's raining again here tooo - rain rain rain. But love my kate spade rain boots!

she851518 said...

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