23 July 2010

Z Gallerie Colorful Summer Sale

Took a quick browse through the sale section of ZGallerie today. I've known ZGallerie for eons but have only recently realized what a great resource it is...it's so right up my style alley, but the great thing is that they have great stuff that fits almost every taste and style. Applause for ZG! Check out their beautiful sofa collection sometime!

Love the bag of starfish! So many projects and little styling touches you could do with these. I see a beautiful starfish garland on a gorgeous string strung across an large doorway or mantle.

These colorful lanterns. A patio. Mixed colors or all color coordinated with candles burning. Dinner party. Friends...charming!

Brunch, sunny weekend morning under one of these beautiful umbrellas. Eggs, french toast, fresh fruit, juice. Relaxation and good company.

This splendid lantern on a table. Sitting outside near a firepit, roasting marshmallows, making s'mores, talking to good friends you haven't seen in a while. Delightful!


In the bedroom. Dappled lighting, late morning dreaminess. This dresser holding your treasures and this bed inviting your slumber.

This mirror in your front entry way. You catch a glimpse of yourself as you head out the face the world. You stop and smile. "Hello, you! Good to see you!"

Set yourself apart at great sale prices. ZGallerie is a great inspiration and resource for unique, style-setting decor for your abode. 

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